Inns and Taverns

The following inns and taverns are located within Fellaren-Krae.  The exact locations (district and street name) are not yet given but will be provided once the structure of the city has been determined and more locations become available.

The Jade Dragon Tavern - by Rick Tierney
The Singing Nightingale Inn - by Darren Dare
The Orc's Demise - by Darren Dare
The Angry Gnome Inn - by Adam Dabdoub
Fentonford Inn - by Robert V. Droz
The Sunken Sunrise Fest Hall - by Robert V. Droz
The Little Dryad's Tavern - by Daniel Deadmarsh
The Great Mind Wine Bar - by Guy Patching
The Boar and Rabbit Tavern - by Lucian Barasu

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