Submission Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines for submitting work to the Fellaren-Krae project.

Anyone may submit material for the Fellaren-Krae project, you must be familiar with the AD&D rules and the Forgotten Realms setting.

All entries, (NPC's, monsters, encounters etc.) must be submitted using the AD&D 2nd Edition rules. Any entries using 3rd Edition D&D will be rejected. This project must be consistant and will, for the present, remain in 2nd edition AD&D.

Please submit only your own work. Work taken from other sources or expanded work from other project workers used without their permission, will not be accepted.

The following material is needed for the project:

Inhabitants (NPC's):   Farmers, Smiths, Innkeepers, Stablemasters, Merchants, Militia, Nobles, Officials etc. (Remember that the characters background and history are most important.  Without these, they're just a bunch of AD&D stats.  Give the character some life!)

Locales & Businesses: Taverns, Stables, Smiths, Supplies store, Bakers, Jail, Barracks, Residents dwellings, Dungeons, Towers, Farms, Streets, Surrounding features.

General Information:  Special holidays, climate, terrain, water and natural resource supplies, trade routes, nearby settlements, allies and enemies.

Lore and Legends: Stories, legends, origins, previous occupants, rumors.  When submitting any kind of lore or story, please give as much detail as possible, stating the last known situation of the legend and current whereabouts and stats of any NPC's involved.

Maps: Maps of the various locales.  These can be building floorplans, surrounding areas, farmland details or areas of the city. Maps may be created as a standard JPEG\GIF graphic or by using Campaign Mapper\Core Rules 2.


Please use the following templates when submitting your work:

Character's, NPC's:


When submitting free-flowing material where a template is not required (e.g. for lore and general info), please send the document in MS-Word or RTF format (not standard text or as part of the email).

Please state the name you wish to be known by as all contributors will be listed in the credits on the 'Fellaren-Krae main page', the Netbook (when available) and alongside the work submitted.

Send all submissions to Alaundo with a subject header noting the submission category (e.g. MAP, LOCALE, NPC).

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