Hail to the Fellaren-Krae Scribes! The following lists all people involved in the Fellaren-Krae project and their respective areas of development, either complete of currently in progress:  Listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Fellaren-Krae Scribes with available projects:

Tiziano and Marina Baracchi Thaldir Anaurin
Adaon and Elyssara Starmist
Kelsor Thelessar and Lyndir Leafwhisper (Spellfilcher Guild NPC's)
Lucian Barasu The Boar and Rabbit Tavern
  Hallowbrook Woodworking
  The Downs
J.R. Carr, jr Keepers Rock (& NPC)
Rob Current Theman's Caravan Repairs (& NPC's)
Marken the Munificent Mage (NPC)
Widow Elsa (NPC)
Iam and Sons Appraisers Metalworkers (& NPC's)
Adam Dabdoub Mystra's Tears (& NPC's)
The Angry Gnome Inn
Darren Dare The Singing Nightingale Inn (& NPC's)
The Orc's Demise (& NPC's)
The Tower of Braydon Greybeard  (& NPC's)
The Wave Dancer
Daniel Deadmarsh The Lazopyn Taxidermy
The Little Dryad's Tavern (& NPC's)
The Tunnel Spirit
The Ivy Street Apparition
The Legend of the Dark Serpent
The Funnel Spider
The Lost Smithy
The Theoretus Family Fountain
The Festival of Frozen Chisels
The Owl's Rest and Home of the Compass and Sextant
Robert V. Droz The Cat's Eye Curiosity Shoppe (& NPC's)
Fenton House (& NPC's)
Baron Harold Fenton
Baroness Elspeth Fenton
Lady Summer Fenton
Fentonford Inn
Sunken Sunrise Fest Hall
Fenton Hall
Luke Fleeman Temples: (The Triads Glory, The Sailors Friend, The Chapel of Coins, The Bleak House, The Seer's Cove, Swordrest, The House of Fury, Alter of the Dark Sun)
Sean Francos Salzar's Emporium
Cries from the Sewer
Jim Griffith Celane Windevryl (NPC)
Guy Patching

The Great Mind Wine Bar (& NPC's)
The Great Mind Society
The Cult of Holy Fire (& NPC's)

Jason L Redfern Project Co-ordinator
City Introduction
The Lord and Ruling Council
Shea Silvermoon Nature's Bounty (& NPC's)
Rick Tierney The Jade Dragon Tavern (& NPC's)
Steve Williams The Town of Enrae's Crossing (& NPC's)
Tit Woodshadow The Cult of the Dark Mist

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