NPC's of Fellaren-Krae

The following characters reside within the walls of Fellaren-Krae or live in the the immediate surrounding area.  These characters are intended to be used as NPC's for the project.   Many of which you see here will be linked to businesses, guilds etc. or will be common folk which can be used for every-day encounters and  plot hooks.  When more NPC's appear, they will be split into categories, such as 'Nobles', 'Craftsmen', 'Laborers' etc.

Abryn by Darren Dare
Adaon Starmist by Tiziano Baracchi
Adolphus Tibbs by Steve Williams
Albryn Jykul by Daniel Deadmarsh
Aldri Longlegs by Rob Current
Angelandris Harvestide by Darren Dare
Avrilon the Garrot by Darren Dare
Baron Harold Fenton by Robert V. Droz
Baroness Elspeth Fenton by Robert V. Droz
Balanthius Mon by Jason L Redfern
Besavyl Naicael by Jason L Redfern
Bolgar Hamlyn by Daniel Deadmarsh
Braydon Greybeard by Darren Dare
Brimley Firebeard by Darren Dare
Brother Jason Kilsan by Darren Dare
Brother Nathan by Darren Dare
Brother William by Darren Dare
Burn by Guy Patching
Captain Martak by Darren Dare
Celene Windevryl by Jim Griffith
Chantria Fellmar by Darren Dare
Dana by Darren Dare
Darcy Stonebrook by Robert V. Droz
Diasara Silvertree by Darren Dare
Dresinda by Darren Dare
Eilemar Ruadathil by Jason L Redfern
Elyssara Starmist by Tiziano "Raidaril" Baracchi
Eton Bannis by Daniel Deadmarsh
Geoff by Guy Patching
Harnel Doonrak by Steve Williams
High Lord Telrae Mynralythe by Jason L Redfern
Janise by Rick Tierney
Jo by Guy Patching
Kaishalinne Firevine by Kimberly Warthman
Kalathian Hardack by Darren Dare
Kelsor Thelessar by Tiziano and Marina Baracchi
Kendra Harvestide by Darren Dare
Ki-Han Jahn by Jason L Redfern
Kyanna "Mother" Stanlis by Darren Dare
Kymree Falashay by Jason L Redfern
Lady Kelsa Doonrak by Steve Williams
Lady Summer Fenton by Robert V. Droz
Leif Silvermoon by Shea Silvermoon
Liathlian Renshay by Jason L Redfern
Lira Musskin by Robert V. Droz
Longreach Ma'Kenzie by J.R. Carr, jr.
Lord of Hell Fire by Guy Patching
Lord Armin Doonrak by Steve Williams
Lyanna Ravenhair by Darren Dare
Lyndir Leapwhisper by Tiziano and Marina Baracchi
Marleana by Darren Dare
Marken the Munificent Mage by Rob Current
Mandel Lorne by Steve Williams
Mantrel Holaf by Jason L Redfern
Myrahd Iathia by Jason L Redfern
Noella Durlane by Darren Dare
Orrin the Quick Blade by Rick Tierney
Paithannous Conjurous by Darren Dare
Randal Filibuss by Steve Williams
Saria Lorne by Steve Williams
Spark by Guy Patching
Tarnus Broadblade

by Steve Williams

Tenebrous Nightshadow by Darren Dare
Thaldir Anaurin by Tiziano and Marina Baracchi
Theman by Rob Current
Tiaza Danyth by Jason L Redfern
Tomul'mas Kaleddon by Daniel Deadmarsh
Trista Kellahshorn by Steve Williams
Trosiloth by Guy Patching
Vonroth by Robert V. Droz
Vurkull Iamson by Rob Current
Widow Elsa by Rob Current
Wynola by Darren Dare
Zetharin Amphenomi by Darren Dare

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