Project Objectives

The objectives of the Fellaren-Krae project are as follows:

To develop a neutral city within the southern peninsular of Sembia in the Heartlands of Faerun to provide a common locale available to Dungeon Masters for use in home and online campaigns.

The project will be run by the scribes of Candlekeep and will be developed by the Scribes of Candlekeep and ANY fan of the Forgotten Realms or indeed anyone interested in mediaeval-style fantasy with some understanding of the AD&D rules.

The results and material from the project will be presented in an organized format on the Candlekeep Site which will be accessable to anybody from the Fellaren-Krae main page.

In time, when a significant amount of material has accumulated, a 'Fellaren-Krae' Netbook will be produced for distribution around the web.

An online campaign is also planned when the project is more well established, to enable fans to take their characters and enter the campaign taking place in and around Fellaren-Krae.

Please see the Submission Guidelines and enter your work into this exciting and ambitious project.  If you have any questions or queries about this project, then please contact us.

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