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Rise of the Blade
Cancelled Harpers novel

WotC Code:

Not Assigned  
Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number:
Not Assigned
Author: Charles Alexander Moffat
Cover Artist: None
Release Date: Cancelled
Format: Paperback

This novel was cancelled by WotC.

Originally scheduled for release in 1998 as part of the Harpers series.

From : http://www.lilithgallery.com/novels/forgottenrealms_riseoftheblade.html

"Rise of the Blade is an unique piece of fan fiction because it is a whole novel that was never MEANT to be fan fiction. It was meant to be published in the Forgotten Realms series known as The Harpers. The series was cancelled before this novel could be published. It is a full length 149 typed paged novel, the same size as a 300 page paperback you could buy at Indigo or Chapters. It weighs in at 76,437 words. It was indeed set to be published back in 1998 but never made it to the printing block. It was first edited in April of 1998 but it never received a 2nd round of editing. The version you see here is the version made after the 1st round of editing.

Because it is a novel written for the Forgotten Realms series of books, currently owned by Wizards of the Coast, only Wizards of the Coast is able to publish and sell it. Forgotten Realms used to be owned by TSR. Around the same time that this book was meant to be published, Wizards of the Coast bought out TSR and then went on to create the Dungeons and Dragons movie and release 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, the roleplaying game."

You can read a sample and the novel by visiting this site: http://www.lilithgallery.com/novels/forgottenrealms_riseoftheblade.html


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