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Demon Weave

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Product Type: Novel
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Author: Alex Irvine
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Release Date: January 2013



The following description is taken from Amazon.com:

'A "prophet" moves among the drow. A fallen priest, a scoundrel, a seductress, and if history is any guide, an avatar of Lolth herself. There are whispers to the leaders of the great drow Houses, communicating Lolth's desire: The Spider Queen will spin a new Weave and take Mystra's vacant seat as god of magic.

To engender Lolth's apotheosis into the goddess of arcane magic, the drow must gather ancient power: primordial relics, remains of great wizards, artifacts once sacred to Mystra (the dead goddess of magic), and gain control of magical locations on the world's surface.

Drow society is strained to the breaking point by this revelation. The female-dominated priesthood doesn't care to hear her message, a message that would dilute their own importance and raise male wizards as equals, or worse. They invent reasons to doubt the provenance of the message. Many reject her and her message, and try to banish proponents as frauds and heretics.

But wizards among the drow, and the priestesses of wizard-friendly Houses (including House Barrison Del'Armgo the Second House of Menzoberranzan, and House Xolorrin the Third House of Menzoberranzan, among others) set about carrying out Lolth's plan. They desire to lay the foundation for a new Weave . . . and bring about the everlasting darkness that will cover the world above. '

Note that this title is available as an eBook only and can only be purchased in the U.S.. There is no printed book available.

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