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The Crystal Shard
The Legend of Drizzt #4

Product Type:

Trade Paperback Comic
Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing
Issue Number: The Legend of Drizzt,
The Crystal Shard issues 1-3
Author: Adapted by Andrew Dabb
Original story by R.A. Salvatore
Artist: Val Semeiks
Release Date: April 2007
Format: Comic book (160 pages)

This is a trade paperback edition of The Crystal Shard comics, issues 1-3, of the Legend of Drizzt series.

The following description is taken from the reverse of the product:

'All his life, Drizzt Do'Urden has searched for peace. For companionship. For justice. He's traversed continents, confronted vicious enemies, and felt the sting of the surface-dwellers' disgust for his kind. Finally, at the very end of the world, he foun what he was looking for - in Icewind Dale.

But now a power from before time threatens the remote outpost - and everything Drizzt has fought to attain. Crenshinibon, the fabled Crystal Shard, is an object of nearly unlimited arcane energy - and it resides in the hands of a madman bent on conquest.

With the peoples of Icewind Dale panicked by fear and divided y petty jealousies, only Drizzy - along with friends Bruenor and Wulfgar - have any hope of averting an occult massacre.'

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