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The Dark Elf Trilogy #1

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Issue Number: Dark Elf Trilogy #1
Author: Adapted by Andrew Dabb
Original story by R.A. Salvatore
Artist: Tim Seeley
Release Date: June 2005
Format: Comic book (48 pages)

The following description is taken from the Devil's Due Publishing web site:

'An outcast by birth and nature, the dark elf known as Drizzt is destined to walk a path of tragedy and adventure. Deep beneath the Earth's surface lies the Underdark -- a realm populated by all manner of strange beings and hideous creatures ­ and ruled over by the the Drow. Scorned by his family and even his race, the young Drizzt finds an unlikely ally in the Swordmaster Zaknafein. Adapting the first chapter of R.A. Salvatore's hugely popular "Dark Elf Trilogy," this is the holy grail of fantasy comic book fans!'

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