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Cold Steel and Secrets, Part 2
Neverwinter Novella

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Product Type: e-book Novella
ISBN Number: 9-7807-8696-2341
Author: Rosemary Jones
Cover Artist: Unknown
Release Date: November 2011
Format: e-book

The following is taken from a description by WotC :

'A whiff of brimstone, a laughing ghost, and talk of a crown . . . In part 2 of this four-part Neverwinter novella, Rucas Sarfael finds himself invited to a meeting of rebel leaders and entangled more than he would like in the plans of the beautiful and dangerous Elyne. When those plans lead to a mad seer, Rucas finds a clue to the treasure he seeks—and more than one path to doom.'

Note that Cold Steel and Secrets is in eBook-only format and is not available in print.

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