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Whisper of Waves
The Watercourse Trilogy - Book 1

WotC Code:

Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-3237-6
Author: Philip Athans
Cover Artist: Carl Critchlow
Release Date: November 2005
Format: Paperback (310 pages)

The following is a description on the reverse of the product by WotC:

'The Wizard
Pledged to the Red Wizards of Thay from boyhood, he will do anything for anyone who can give him more power. In a twisted dimension outside the walls of time and space, he plots and plans.

The Senator
A genasi, he has fought his way up from the gutter and will never go back. Amid the tangled streets of Innarlith, he mixes ambition with thoughts of vengeance.

The Man
A master builder, he walks the coast of Faerûn, and the waves whisper to him of a mighty work, a task worthy of his talents '

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