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Murder in Cormyr
The Mystery Series - Book 1

TSR Code:

Hardcover: 8655
Paperback: 8655P
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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: Hardcover: 0-7869-0302-3
Paperback: 0-7869-1173-5
Author: Chet Williamson
Cover Artist: Larry Elmore
Release Date: Hardcover: March 1996
Paperback: July 1998
Format: Hardcover book (247 pages) / Paperback book (256 pages).
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the actual product:

'A vengeful ghost in only the first suspect when the body of Grodoveth, the king's envoy, is found seperated from its head.  It seems that everyone in town had either motive of opportunity to commit the murder.
The wizard Benelaius wanted only to find a nice quiet place to retire with his cats.   The village of Ghars, close to the Vast Swamp, had little to recommend it except seclusion.  Even the legends of a vengeful ghost who haunts the moors don't bother the aged wizard.  The corpulent, sedentary mage is content to let his servant, Jasper, do all the legwork.
Benelaius's studies are rudely interrupted when the ghost begins to make nightly appearances. frightening the townspeople out of their wits.  Heads begin to roll when the local blacksmith is murdered...but that corpse is barely cold when the decapitated body of the envoy Grodoveth is found in the ghosts tomb.  As the most learned person in Ghars, how can Benelaius refuse to help his adopted town?
Axe-wielding ghosts give way to treachery and deceit as Benelaius, along with Jasper and the wizards former apprentice, Lindavar, discover that even a sleepy, quiet village has many hidden secrets'.

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