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The Haunted Lands Omnibus

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Product Type: Novel
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Author: Richard Lee Byers
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Release Date: February 2012

Paperback (768 pages)


The following text is a description taken from WotC:

'The stories of The Haunted Lands -- Unclean, Undead, and Unholy -- are now in one trilogy - packed with riveting stories that shake the Realms to their very core with devastating magic, scheming wizards, and calculating evil.

The dead are restless in the magic-rich realm of Thay, and a necromancer has gathered him to his cause. The living citizens must unite and mount a defense before they die and join the enemy's ranks. And the mageocracy is in exile, watching from distant shores as the new King of Thay prepares a great magical ritual--one they cannot allow him to bring to completion.


After seeking his fortune abroad, Bareris Anskuld returns to his home in the kingdom of Thay to find the love he left behind has sold herself into slavery to pay her father's debts. Nothing should be simpler for a veteran adventurer than to track her down and buy her back, but what starts as a simple rescue becomes much more when he stumbles into the dark purpose of the slavery she has been sold into.


Thay's civil war has taken everything from Bareris Anskuld. After crossing a homeland devastated by battle, tracking down monsters most would flee, and infiltrating the secret fortress of the most dangerous wizard in all of Thay in search of his lover -- he finally finds her. Transformed, enslaved, and lusting for his blood. Barely escaping her fate -- or worse -- he joins the army of the zulkirs to fight against Szass Tam, and, more importantly, to get revenge.


Bareris Anskuld, who reunited with Tammith just long enough to fall in love again before she was brutally destroyed, sacrificed his life to help the zulkirs and their army escape, leaving the kingdom of Thay in Szass Tam's cold, dead hands. He was punished for his sacrifice with undeath. In search of revenge, Bareris runs across Szass Tam's darkest secret, a secret that brings him all the way from the wilds of Thay to the exiled zulkirs with a plea they dare not ignore: return to fight Szass Tam, or the world ends.'

This anthology collects the following from The Haunted Lands trilogy:

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