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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 978-0-7869-5742-2
Author: Christopher Rowe
Cover Artist:  
Release Date: March 2011
Format: Paperback

'Think this desert’s dangerous?

"Knowledge of the sword is useless without knowledge of the world."

Cephas has no memories of how he came to fight in the gladiatorial arena of the floating earthmote called the Island of the Free. All he knows of the world beyond, he has gleaned from stories the master of the games reads to his followers while Cephas waits in his cell for the next opponent.

"You are wise to realize you must trust me. You are wise to find this terrifying."

From a distance Corvus Nightfeather and his Circus of Wonders have watched the Island of the Free, piecing together its weaknesses and its defenses. And watching with interest the young genasi gladiator whose feet have never once touched the earth.

"Now open this book again. Now begin anew. There is more yet in these pages."

For the first time Cephas can harness his inborn powers and control the stones and dirt beneath his feet. But Corvus has plans for Cephas that extend beyond the circus’s shows: he knows who Cephas really is and that people are searching for the genasi in brutal Calimport.'

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