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The Shadowmask
Stone of Tymora Trilogy - Book 2

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number:
Author: R.A Salvatore
Geno Salvatore
Cover Artist:


Release Date: October 2010
Format: Paperback (??? pages)

The following text is taken from the WotC website:

'Though robbed by a masked spellcaster and left for dead by a demon, Maimun refuses to give up the magic that rightfully belongs to him. Convinced that Drizzt Do'Urden holds the key to recovering the Stone of Tymora, he tracks the dark elf across the Calim Desert all the way to the docks of Calimport. There Captain Deudermont offers the boy refuge aboard his ship -- without realizing the deadly price he will pay for his loyalty. As perilous storms rock Sea Sprite and vicious pirates bombard its decks, a mysterious force gathers in the Moonshaes, threatening to bring Deudermont’s ship -- and Maimun's quest -- crashing to an end on its shores. '

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