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Realms of the Dead
Forgotten Realms Anthology

WotC Code:

Product Type: Novel (Anthology)
ISBN Number:
Author: Various authors
Edited by Phil Athans
Cover Artist: Greg Ruth
Release Date: January 2010
Format: Paperback book (??? pages)

This is an anthology to accompany The Haunted Land Trilogy by Richard Lee Byers.
Previously, this title was listed as Realms of the Undead, until a name change by WotC.

The following text is a description by Wizards of the Coast:

'Every creature of Faerun has its dark mirror in the undead -- from the ghosts of ancient warriors to the rune-scribed skeletons of dragons. And in a world with as rich and bloody a history as the Forgotten Realms, they are legion -- outshining the living in variety and number. Here are a dozen of the most terrifying tales of the haunted Realms.'

Table of Contents

  • "Pieces" by Richard Lee Byers
  • "Soul Steel" by Lisa Smedman
  • "The Resurrection Agent" by Erin M. Evans
  • "Wandering Stones" by Bruce R. Cordell
  • "The Bone Bird" by Jaleigh Johnson
  • "Feast of the Moon" by Christopher Rowe
  • "A Prayer for Brother Robert" by Philip Athans
  • "The King in Copper" by Richard Baker
  • "Dusty Bones" by Rosemary Jones
  • "The Many Murders of Manshoon" by Ed Greenwood
  • "A Body in a Bay" by Erik Scott de Bie
  • "Iruladoon" by R.A. Salvatore

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