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Wrath of the Blue Lady
The Wilds Series- Book 4

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number:
Author: Mel Odom
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Release Date: December 2009
Format: Paperback book (320 pages)

The following text is a description by Wizards of the Coast:

'Shang-Li has spent his young life exploring the strange corners of a reshaped Faerun, a path his father, a monk of the Standing Tree Monastery thinks little of -- despite the fabulous lost artifacts Shang-Li returns to the monastery.

Deep below the waves of the Sea of Fallen Stars, a shipwreck holds an artifact from the world before the Spellplague: a journal containing powerful, coded magic. But when Shang-Li and his father begin searching for the ship, they find far more than they expected: a powerful eladrin spellcaster called the Blue Lady.

No one knows where she came from. No one knows what she wants. But the blue depths of the Sea of Fallen Stars are her prison -- one she's ready to escape.'

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