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The Fall of Highwatch
Chosen of Nendawen - Book I

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Product Type: Novel
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Author: Mark Sehestedt
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Release Date: November 2009
Format: Paperback

'Highwatch has never been taken. The fortress has sat, undisturbed for over a century, high above Narfell’s frozen plains. The line of the High Warden runs unbroken down to his seventeen-year-old granddaughter, Hweilan. It is a place of peace in the wilderness.

But one among Highwatch isn’t at peace. Guric, the foster son of the High Warden, makes a pact with an ancient, evil spirit to resurrect his wife. The price: his family’s blood. Highwatch falls in less than a day. The line of the High Warden is broken. Only Hweilan escapes, her father’s unstrung bow in hand and her heart full of vengeance.

Vengeance enough to drive Hweilan to make her own pact with an ancient spirit: Nendawen, the Master of the Hunt, primal spirit of the shapechanging Vil Adanrath.

Mark Sehestedt’s first Forgotten Realms trilogy returns to the wild tundra of Narfell and to familiar faces from his first book Frostfell, as well as bringing forward new and dangerous villains from distant planes. '

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