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Death of the Dragon
The Cormyr Saga - Book 2

TSR Code:

21637 (hardcover)
WTC21863 (paperback)
Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-1637-0 (hardcover)
0-7869-1863-2 (paperback)
Author: Ed Greenwood \ Troy Denning
Cover Artist: Matthew Stawicki
Release Date: August 2000 (hardcover)
June 2001 (paperback)
Format: Hardcover book (376 pages).

The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the actual product:

'Seven Scourges - five long gone, one of the day, and one soon to come - open the door no man can close. Out come the armies of the dead and the legions of the devil made by itself, to sweep all Cormyr away in ruin, unless those long dead rise to stand against them.
- The Prophecies of Alaundo

The realm has endured a thousand years and more. For all that time, an Obarskyr has sat upon the Purple Throne. But under the tearing talons of dark magic, fell foes, and a dragon more vicious than any ever encountered, how much longer can the royal family of Cormyr endure? Or the kingdom herself?'

The text below is taken from a description on the inner sleeve of the actual product:

'Azoun IV, in the twilight of his years, is still a shining hero to most of his subjects, and to all but the eldest, the only king theyve ever known. He'd led them capably out of dark doom before.

Yet Cormyr has never faced so many mighty and mysterious foes at once. Demonic ghazneths, ancient curses, weird trees of foul magic, goblins and their kin on the rise in the northern wilderlands, a blight upon the land, rebellious mutterings, dying war wizards...and a dragon the likes of which no living eyes on Faerun have ever seen.

The Purple Throne doesnt seem so unassailable now. It could well shatter under the weight of a gigantic dragon - or the secrets and follies of the last Obarskyrs'.

A preview chapter of Death of the Dragon was also included in the Summer Sneak Preview 2000 promotional book in March 2000.

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By: Mike G Jordan Date: 14-August-2000
Rating: GoodGoodGoodGood

Death of the Dragon is the last book in the Cormyr Saga, and as an ending, it serves well (Warning: the review contains big plot spoilers). It is written with Denning and Greenwood's excellent style. The main drawback of the book is that it is basically a war. If anyone less than these two had written it, it would have been horrible. I don't think that there is a chapter in which something doesn't die.

However, the book keeps you guessing all the way. About who Nalavara is and practically everything else. The fight scene's are really incredible. They make fighting orc's and goblin's cool! At first you think, oh, man, stupid orcs, okay, let's get this done with, but then you say wow, those are some cool orcs!

There are a few things I didn't like. At the end, there is no big revelation in which you say, wow,cool. And to tell you the truth, I kind of wished that they had brought Thauglor back as the dragon (he was without a doubt, the coolest dragon in any FR book). The death of Azoun was really great, truly a heroes death (made greater because Azoun was cool). You never tire of the battles, each is different, cool, and well thought out. The constant war does get on your nerves a bit. It was good, could have better, and could have been a lot worse. Don't read this unless you've read Cormyr: A Novel, and Beyond the High Road, first.

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