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Sea of Swords
The Legend of Drizzt, Book 13

WotC Code: 216307200
Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 978-0-7869-4787-4
Author: R.A. Salvatore
Cover Artist: Todd Lockwood
Release Date: March 2008
Format: Hardcover (352 pages)

The following is a description by WotC of the product:

'There remains worries and fear. Wulfgar is gone from us -- I know not where -- and I fear for his head, his heart, and his body. But I have accepted that his path was his own to choose, and that he, for the sake of all three -- head, heart, and body -- had to step away from us. I pray that our paths will cross again, that he will find his way home. But I can be patient and convince myself of the best. For to brood upon my fears for him, I am defeating the entire purpose of my own life. That I will not do. There is too much beauty. There are too many monsters and too many rogues. There is too much fun.
-- Drizzt Do'Urden'

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