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Obsidian Ridge
The Citadels Series- Book 2

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 10: 0786947853
13: 978-0786947850
Author: Jess Lebow
Cover Artist:

David Siedman

Release Date: April 2008
Format: Paperback book (320 pages)

The following is a description taken from Amazon.com:

'This time the castle is the monster!

Obsidian Ridge hasn't been seen in Faerun for hundreds of years. It's a legend, a fairy story--until it appears, silently and without warning over the kingdom of Erlkazar, blotting out the sun. Steered by the madness of a cunning wizard, the citadel and its vast array of shadowy monsters will destroy all of Erlkazar unless the wizard gets what he wants: the princess of Erlkazar as a bride. But he'll have to battle the king's personal assassin, a loyal courtier, a complicated killer, and the princess herself to bring his plan to bear.'

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