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Crypt of the Moaning Diamond
The Dungeons Series - Book 4

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 10: 0786947144
13: 978-0786947140
Author: Rosemary Jones
Cover Artist: Erik Gist
Release Date: November 2007
Format: Paperback (320 pages)

'Explore the terrifying depths of the dungeons of Faerûn!

The Siegebreakers are a tight-knit group of eccentric mercenaries who boast they can safely bring down the walls of any fortress, and will do so for the right amount of coin. But when the walls of their latest job crash down on their heads, trapping them in ruins treacherous with magic, monsters, and ever-rising water, it's all they can do to stay alive. Undaunted, the Siegebreakers are determined to escape and finish the job.'

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