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Blades of the Moonsea - Book 3

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 978-0-7869-5575-6
Author: Richard Baker
Cover Artist: Raymond Swanland
Release Date: October 2010
Format: Hardcover (352 pages)

The following text is taken from a description by Wizards of the Coast:

'Geran Hulmaster made a choice: rescue Miyra or protect Hulburg, the town his family rules. He returned with Miyra only to be sent into exile with his family by Rhovann -- a longtime rival determined to ruin him. He would do anything to take Hulburg back -- and to extract due justice.

Rhovann Disarnnyl insinuated himself in Hulburg, drove the Hulmasters from their homeland, and created an army of golems to enforce his will. For a time, he was content to watch Geran suffer. But the swordmage soon proved a problem requiring a much more permanent solution.

War is coming to the town of Hulburg. But will it result in the destruction of the Hulmasters, the end of Rhovann's oppressive reign, or the annihilation of the small town that is their battleground? Geran will have to put everything on the line, risking life and soul, to give his family and his people a chance at the lives they should have had.'

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