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Candlekeep Website Review

The popular comic, Knights of the Dinner Table published by Kenzer and Company featured a section entitled "Summon Web Scryer", which in issue 47 reviewed this Candlekeep Website. The page image below (copyright Kenzer and Company) shows the review and the screenshot of the Candlekeep home page. Thanks Kenzer Co. :-)

The Review by Kenneth Newquist reads as follows:

"An even more extensive archive of Realmslore can be found in the online version of that venerable library, Candlekeep. Fans can happily loose themselves in its stacks while paging through the Forgotten Realms Notebooks, treasures such as The Book of Weeping Eyes (a tome that details beholders), official- and fan-generated artwork, and more than a dozen campaign journals. Of course most of the material on this site is Realms-related, but wandering GM's like myself can find quite a lot to transport into their own campaigns. Aside from the impressive array of materials, there's also a nice downloadable selection of fonts and computer helper programs."

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