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"Candlekeep Presents..." GenCon Seminar

Candlekeep Presents is the title given to the Forgotten Realms seminar held at GenCon each year. Numerous Realms authors have participated in the past and contributed to seminar content and material. As part of this event, Brian Cortijo produces metal pins for attendees, and for those wishing to donate towards the running and cost of production to keep this tradition viable. Note that this is not official WotC merchandise.

Previous year's pins are still available and can be obtained through various donation levels. Visit https://www.gofundme.com/Candlekeep2016 or contact Brian on the Candlekeep forums (member name: Garen Thal).

2016 (a)
2016 (b)
Harpers Special

See also George Krashos' Seminar document, The Lalya Maurshanta, located in Traveler's Notebooks.

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