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The Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia

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Product Type: Campaign Expansion
ISBN Number: N\A
Author: N\A
Cover Artist: N\A
Release Date: No Schedule Date
Format: Multi-volume hardcover set

The Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia project was a development which was never released by TSR.

An ongoing project spanning approximately 3 years was undertaken by TSR. Auditions were held by TSR to recruit "Research Consultants" who would perform the first stage of the project. Around 70 fans of the Realms undertook the task of collating a database of every locale, being, item and detail of the Forgotten Realms world as given in ALL TSR products, ranging from gaming products and novels to comics and TSR magazine publications.

The overall aim was to produce a very impressive set of hardcover encyclopedia's detailing everything about the Realms. Following the WotC take-over of TSR, the project was eventually shelved due to the production costs of the product.

The last mention of the format of the volumes, prior to the project closure was as follows:

  • Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: History)
  • Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 2 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: People)
  • Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: People)
  • Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia, Vol. 4 $30 (tentative title; tentative subject: Geography)

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