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The Candlekeep Scrolls CD

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Product Type: CD-ROM
ISBN Number: N\A
Author: N\A
Cover Artist: N\A
Release Date: Scheduled for 2000 / 2001
Format: CD-ROM

The Candlekeep Scrolls CD-ROM was a development which was never released in CD-ROM format by TSR.

The Candlekeep Scrolls, as it was titled on the REALMS-L mailing list by Jim Butler of WotC\TSR was to be a CD-ROM product containing previously released out-of-print Forgotten Realms campaign material published by TSR. All products were to be converted to a universal format for viewing and printing (the suggested format was PDF) and included on the CD.

WotC later abandoned the project and instead decided to make these products available for download from their web site. Numerous products appeared for download free of charge and WotC continue to add further items on a regular basis for a nominal fee.

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