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Below are the results of the voting poll held at Candlekeep between 08 April 2001 and 08 July 2001. Visitors were asked to vote their preference between the old 1st\2nd Edition Forgotten Realms logo and the new 3rd Edition logo. There were a vast amount of entries, a small selection of the hundreds of comments given by the voters are also given below.

Thankyou to all who voted and apologies for the long delay in getting these results posted.

And the winner is....


 with 74% of the votes


So it appears that the original Realms logo wins popularity by quite a majority. Maybe its due to people not liking change, or maybe its just not the image or style wanted for the Realms, anyway, here are some of your comments:

C Jones -
"The new logo is too plain and the font is less legible. I therefore still like the old logo!"

Anon. -
"The new logo looks nice. But it would look better on the tops of the interior pages of it's products. the original logo should definitely stay on the exterior of all it's realms products."

Anon. -
"Hmmm...I actually like both. The original logo is mayhaps a bit too "rugged" looking for the Forgotten Realms, but I believe it still has the edge. When one sees the old logo, they instantly think "Forgotten Realms". The newer one simply won't be as easily recognized, and it simply doesn't "stand out" as much as the old one. I like the boldness and bright colors of the original., even if it may not fit the setting quite as well."

Anon. -
"Besides beeing cool, the new logo has an older fell about it (lettering and such), the old one always reminds me of the 80's"

Anon. -
"I like the old logo... but I've always been a sucker for sepias - and the 3rd ed logo is great!"

DarkOne7 -
"I say that if it is not broken leave it be, the original is a better one."

ValiantMage -
"As much as i cherish the old logo, i have the courage to accept the new one in the hopes i can grow to cherish it just as much."

Robertius -
"The new logo looks too...dull, parchmented, not runic or mysterious enough."

Guenwyver101 -
"The new logo is too colorless and takes away from the whole forgotten idea. the original logo has the old runic feel to it making its seem like its some old and forgotten (what an idea, it seems forgotten!)piece of information"

Anon. -
"i don't have that great a preference, although i think that the older one fits more with the feel of the world, while the newer one fits more with the feel of 3e."

Entillis -
"This [3rd edition] logo just seems more adventurous. I could really imagine it being in one of those ancient Forgotten Realms towns as a sign of an inn. It's really good Better than the original"

Dal -
"Although I want to stay faithful to the original, the 3rd edition is better because of its simplicity."

Anon. -
"Even though the only thing different between the two is colour...... I think the newer one is much more spiffy. Most realms fans are just afraid of the change, but once I looked at it a lot, it's pretty cool. Even though the contrast isn't there, and it isn't as bright anymore. But hey, that's just me."

Anon. -
"The new logo is somewhat drab compared to the old, but it almost makes up for that by giving a slightly more mysterious 'feel' than the old logo. On the whole, I still prefer the old logo."

rms2 -
"The Runes are so intriguing. It looks like it is carved above some ancient portal to the land. The new one is simple, but it feels like it is made of paper. Besides, why change such a recognizable logo?"

Axabitte -
"So many years of so many adventures, read or played, have left the original logo emblazened in my mind!"

Bacnbits2005 -
"Ye bunch'a orc-breath, goblin-toed, troll-smell'in, sissies want all tis new stuff and forget 'bout the legonds and lore of the past!!! Long Live Clan BattleHammer!!!!"

Drizzt_39 -
"I prefer the old logo as its gold lettering aginst the grey stone looks like it is something dug up, valuble, treasured. The new one looks artifical, cheap, and has no depth or mystery to it. "

Da Fair -
"I prefer the new 3rd edition logo A GREAT DEAL. The old one is dated and stale."

Peartgc -
"A really tough call, because the old one was really good, but change is good to. and the new one is nice"

Anon. -
"The new logo seems somehow vain, it lacks the ornamentation and style to represent such a rich world, the new logo seems somehow more appropriate to the Darksun setting or some similar."

Lady Draconess -
"I think this logo looks better, I really like it. Very old world looking and beautiful."

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