Voting Booth

Below are the results of the voting poll held at Candlekeep between November 2001 and January 2002. Visitors were asked to vote their favorite locales in the Forgotten Realms world, there were two voting categories: Favorite Region and Favorite Urban .

There were an overwhelming number of entries. Thankyou to all who voted and apologies for the long delay in getting these results posted.

Forgotten Realms Favorite Locale Results (Nov 2001)

Region Locale Top 5

Pos. Title Votes
1st The North 214
2nd Cormyr 193
3rd The Dalelands 162
4th Thay, Aglarond, Rashemen 112
5th Tethyr, Amn 91
  Others 92

Urban Locale Top 5

Pos. Title Votes
1st Waterdeep 326
2nd Silverymoon 202
3rd Menzoberranzan 151
4th Arabel 54
5th Baldur's Gate 40
  Others 91

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