A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 19 March 2000 -

Web Server Problems and Form Submissions

Problems have occured on the Web Server on which the Candlekeep site is hosted.  This caused us to be totally locked out and unable to notify anyone of the problems.  Anyone using pages on the site which contain forms such as the 'Census Chamber' would have been presented with a Server Error page after pressing the 'Submit' button.  This had been a problem for about two weeks!

Email had also been affected due to a bug within the site design software which caused data on the server to accumulate over time and thus exceed our allocated web space which also included allocated email space. Any email sent to us would have been returned undeliverable by the Mailer-Daemon.

We apologize for this, which was beyond our control, and hopefully it did not inconvenience anybody too greatly.  If anyone has submitted anything to the site or emailed any of the Scribes and has not yet received a personal email notification to state that your email\submission has been received, please contact one of the Scribes as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT: Future Plans and Current Status

Recently, problems with the site have all been down to bugs within the site design software (the culprit being Microsoft Frontpage) and possible conflicts\incompatabilites with the server OS (UNIX).

In order to ensure these kind of problems do not occur again we are moving to use alternative software to build and maintain the site. However, this means setting up independant CGI Scripts to handle some of Candlekeeps features, such as the form handling ('Census Chamber', 'Scribes Desk', 'Traveling Minstrel') and other functions (hit counter and search). This means that for the moment the afore mentioned features will NOT be available for use until further notification. If anyone wishes to submit either a character or review etc, please email the relevent Scribe with the details.

Again, we apologise for the inconvenience and hope to have the site back in action soon.

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