A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 12 April 2000 -

Candlekeep Absorbs FR Zone

As from 12 April 2000, Candlekeep is the new host of the FR Zone web site of the REALMS-L Mailing List.

Candlekeep was recently approached by Carl Neilson (Online coordinator, NR Projects Group) from a recommendation to take over the site by the previous FR Zone Webmaster, Mark Oliva. As a result, Candlekeep will be one of the hosts of the official Forgotten Realms FAQ maintained by Tom Cullen and Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas FAQ, maintained by Simon Rogers at ProFantasy Software Ltd. In addition, all registered and inactive Realms Projects run my members of the REALMS-L Mailing List will be detailed on this site, along with submission guidelines and contact information. One project currently running and new to the site is the Product Errata, a list of errors and omissions for TSR Forgotten Realms prodcuts, a very helpful and essential piece of work for any Realms fan!

Please see the new Realms Projects area in Campaign Journals for access to the FR Zone material. For visitors of the FR Zone, we have provided a simple Navigation Menu to aid you locate items which were in the old FR Zone site.

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