A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 09 September 2001 -

Site Updates & THe Hall of Heroes

Many of you have emailed us in concern for the site and the long period between site updates. We can only apologise for this. Due to the amount of emails we receive and the time and effort involved in updating the site, and the many other pressures and time-consuming events of life, we are hard-pressed to put as much time into the site as we used to. Simply not enough hours in the day and not enough scribes to do the work!

In particular, we receive a lot of entries into the 'Hall of Heroes' and converting characters to the sites format requires a lot of time. There is a huge backlog of characters to enter into the hall, so if you have submitted a character over the past couple of months, please be patient. The 3rd Edition character submission form is being redesigned, and whilst we are still receiving 3rd edition character entries, 2nd edition characters will be available up on the site sooner than 3rd edition until the new form is made available.

So fear not, Candlekeep is still running and we are battling to clear the backlog and get on top of things and have the site as up to date as possible as soon as we can.


help Us and become a 'Master Scribe' of Candlekeep

What started out as a hobby of a devoted Forgotten Realms fan has now become a vast time-consuming and costly project to keep Candlekeep the site that it is today! Of course, the site owes much of its content to the other fans and visitors out there who have submitted their work to share with others. The annual cost of running the site and ownership of the domain is acceptable and a small price to pay for the pleasure that it brings. However, the site is now incurring monthly costs! As the site grows and becomes more popular, more visits and downloads result in bandwidth usage on the Candlekeep Web Server.

Bandwidth is measured in much the same way as most data transfer and storage on computers (Kilobytes, Megabytes etc.), whenever the site is accessed, pages loaded, files and graphics downloaded etc. Bandwidth is taken up, and while our Web Host (Maxys Internet Solutions Ltd) provides us with a large bandwidth allowance, we are grossly exceeding this and are charged on a monthly basis for each megabyte of transfers in addition to our allowance. This is becoming quite costly (approximately $120 per month) and is hitting us hard. The benefits of our current host are some of the server technologies available and the large amount of web space which we have been allocated.

In order to keep us from being out of pocket we would welcome any notable donations to maintain the site and keep Candlekeep active and running. We are not out for making any profit from the site and merely wish to avoid being hit hard in the wallet. Anyone wishing to help out and donate to the site should contact the Webmaster for further information. In return for your kind donation, you will recieve:

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Once again, we regret that this has become a necessity and is NOT an attempt in gaining profit from the site, merely a request for aid to the upkeep.

Thanks again for your support, We hope you continue to enjoy visiting Candlekeep

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