A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 09 January 2000 -

Web Server Problems and Form Submissions

Over the Christmas and new year period problems were encountered on the Web Server on which the Candlekeep site is hosted.  This caused us to be totally locked out and unable to notify anyone of the problems.  Anyone using pages on the site which contain forms such as the 'Census Chamber' would have experianced long delays after pressing the 'Submit' button.  If you hung around for about a minute this would then be followed by a message stating 'Server Error: Web Busy. Please Try again'.  Unfortunately, this was encountered for a number of days and has only recently been resolved.

We apologize for this, which was beyond our control, and hopefully it did not inconvenience anybody too greatly.  Recently the site has encountered various problems on the Web Server which have now come to an end and may have been 'teething problems' for the new FP2000 server.  Any further problems will result in the move to another Web Host which will, we hope, be more reliable.

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