A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 08 April 2000 -

Current Site Status and Recent Problems

As some of you are aware, all functions within Candlekeep are now fully operational. Recent problems have meant areas such as The Hall of Heroes, The Scribes Desk, The Guestbook and other pages containing forms have been inactive. These have now been resolved and our transition from our original Web Development software (Frontpage) to Dreamweaver and the use of independant CGI Script should prevent any problems such as these from occuring again.

We apologise for the long delay in bringing the site back up and running but hopefully we can now provide a much more reliable and functional web site.


Happy (Belated) Birthday to Candlekeep!!!

Due to the serious problems that we have been striving to rectify over the past few weeks, we completely forgot to say 'Happy 1st Birthday' to Candlekeep which was launched over a year ago on 18th March 1999.

It has been a very successfully year overall. Just a few problems at the launch and the recent problems over the past couple of months with the Web Server causing a little stress, but overall its sure been more than worth it. We never believed that it would become as popular as it has. We have you, the fans of the Realms, who visit the site and submit your work to thanks for its success.

From all the Scribes at Candlekeep, we give our thanks and appreciation to you all for your contributions and support over this past year. You are what make it all worthwhile and keep the site what it is. A big thanks!!! :-)

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