A message from the scribes of Candlekeep

- 06 August 2000 -

First of all, many apologies for those who had submitted their work or any entries to the site and to all our frequent visitors who had maybe thought that the gates of Candlekeep had closed for good!. Due to numerous reasons and other commitments, the site had not been updated for quite some time. We have now cleared most of the backlog and should hopefully be back on form with updating the site on weekly-ish basis.

Some of you may have noticed the guestbook sometimes disappears\suddenly re-appears\does not record entries etc. This is still under investigation, but any entries are also sent to us via email and will be applied and uploaded at regular intervals. We hope to have the guestbook fully operational again soon.

Once again, apologies for the delay in getting this update out. Thankyou for your continued support for the site and for not abandoning Candlekeep!

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