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Tower of Sen

By Jonathan G Chiaravalle

I choose to develop the SE corner [of Myth Drannor] where there are fewer buildings.  The site I'm going to describe is the building about 10 inches up from the bottom edge on the right of the street. There are two towers connected to a main building. 


Citadel of Sen:

This building was once a 3 star Inn & Tavern that catered to wealthy bachelors and young noblemen.  The proprietress was the Enchantress Etheril (Enchanter 16, human female).  Etheril was incredibly beautiful and sensous.  She was gentle and charming with her patrons.  Etheril catered to many and occasionally blackmailed patrons usually with no ill intent (more like favors).

The Inn was burned down over the centuries (due to a careless fireball from those damned adventurers) but the towers manages to survive.  Four Waterspout Gargoyles live atop each tower (some past dragon).  They will still respond to whomever learns the command phrase.

Tower #1 (furthest North)

Ground Floor: These level were built into the foundation of the Inn.  A secret door allowed supplies to be brought in and provided a secret entrance for others.  Currently a group of giant spiders(6) and Chasme(2) have set up residence here.  A ladder lead up to secret door that emerges from a flight of stairs.  A huge door in the floor leads to storage chambers underneath and the sewers.

2nd Floor: There are four rooms in the center of this tower with a circular hallway surrounding them.  These rooms were reached through the second floor of the inn.  The doors have Sequester cast on them but can be felt.  Currently there are rotted tapestries that hang on all walls.

3rd Floor: What was once a guarded staircase leads up to this private chamber.  This room still remains in opulent condition.  It has a huge bed and used to house many exotic parties.  It has a full bath & privy, wardrobe and many wonderful outfits.  This room is warded as an Amulet Proof Vs. Detection and Location.  Those on the bed are protected as a Shield, Detect Invisibility, Ring of Warmth and Resist Poison spells and Items.  The bed was built to insure the safety of the patrons and to prevent assination attempts.  If necessary people on the bed Save against Poison with a +4 bonus.  If the bed Detects Invisibility, Magic Mouths scream loudly from the bedposts. 


Tower #2 (Southern Tower):

All floors are as above except the ground floor does not have a secret entrance outside and the 3rd floor is as follows:

3rd Floor: This was Etheril's private Sanctum.  It is guarded by a lesser guardian Daemon (bound to the door).  It houses her spellbooks and many items of power and lore.  Etheril has her sleeping quarters here and her own privy.  The bed is like to other 3rd floor bed.

A crystal ball on her desk allows her to scry into all rooms in the Inn including the warded room.  It will only scry the Citadel.


These chambers under each tower were used for storage and disposal of waste (including dead bodies) into the sewer.  A tunnel connects the two chambers with a portcullis that guards the tunnel leading to the sewer (this portcullis is currently off its hinges and twisted).  Many monsters have come up from the sewer and invaded this tower. 


I put a succubus in one of the rooms to seduce the PCs and it worked rather well.  There is magic here but very little for the PCs to take home.

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