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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of Eric K. Rodriguez and is presented here with permission.

Lands around Riatavin

By Eric K. Rodriguez


Durjan's Hundred was started over two years ago by Durjan Gleamspike, a warrior of some renown who originated from the city of Caradoon, which lies on the southern shores of Impresk Lake.  Having grown up there and trained with the city watch, Durjan eventually set out with a group of adventures to seek his way in the world.  Durjan's dream was to be a powerful warlord in some far off land.  To accomplish his goal, he needed much wealth, and more importantly much fame.  In 1362DR, Year of the Helm, the adventuring group known as "Seekers of Fame", left Caradoon and travelled south into the Kuldin Peaks.  Four months later three survivors, out of 13, arrived back in Caradoon with the amazing story of a ruined city that lied in a mist enshrouded valley at the north end of the Kuldin Peaks.  Durjan, one of the survivors, told of how he and his companions entered the city without any encounters, and found the city in somewhat good condition.  While exploring they found strange writings and symbols upon the walls that looked like a form of elvish tongue.  While none of the group could understand them, the wizard of the group made the fatal mistake of mouthing some of the words on the wall.  They were in fact incantations to an ancient spell, and once spoken, released a fearsome evil long contained.  Out of nowhere, bones began to rise up from the ground, and solidified into the shape of a huge dragon.  While stunned momentarily, the adventures quickly regained their wits and began to battle the undead guardian.  The battle was fierce, but didn't last long.  The wizards spells were ineffective and seem just to bounce of the Skeleton Dragon.  The priest was unable to turn the creature, and most of the warrior's blow did little damage.  In a final, despearte act, the wizard broke his wand of Lightning bolts in an attempt to release the full fury of it at the skeleton dragon.  Unfortunately, not everything worked out to his advantage.  The wand broke and did let loose a final retributive release of magic, unfortunately the wizard was at the focal point when it exploded.  Several of the group died instantly during the explosion.  The explosion did not destroy the skeleton dragon, but the resulting shockwave shattered several towers and brought them down upon the undead beast, ending it's short "unlife".  Of those killed instantly were the two priest of the group, resulting in the deaths of four more members several day's later due to injuries that could not be healed.  Only Durjan, Malkos, and Fejan survived the blast and were able to make it back to Caradoon.  But once they arrived, the sacks full of ancient jewlrey and coins were enough to make everyone believe the stories they would tell soon after. 

Since that day, Durjan has been gathering and saving his coin, slowly building up his mercenary army until the day comes when he can claim a land as his own.  Currently Durjan's Hundred is in service to the Merchant's Chosen of Riatavin, where Durjan hopes to gain more gold and glory on his road to Lordship.


The Ruins of VesTer'al

The city of VesTer'al was once populated by a race of elves that loved the high peaks and valley's of the mountains.  Like their other eleven cousins, they venerated the flora and fauna of the world, but preferred the isolation and beauty of the mountain heights.  Over a thousand years ago, the city of VesTer'al became envolved in the titanic conflict known as "The Mind-Slayer Wars".  The Mind Slayer Wars were actually a series of huge battles that took place all over the lands now know as Tethyr and Erlkazar.  As denotes it's name, the battles were not with swords and spears, but with the mind.  The ancient Illithid city of Uril'go'n rose to domination in the underdark over a thousand years ago.  The "Supreme Intelligence" of the city decided it was time that the "lesser cattle" of the surface pay their homage to their rightful masters. 

And so a war ensued betweed the Illithids, and their allies, against all other races.  The first to feel their wrath were a svirfneblin colony, and a dwarven hold.  Then the Illithids of Uril'go'n started venturing to the surface and began their raid of terror and nightmares upon the surface races.  An alliance between the human and elven kingdoms of that time rose together to meet that threat, and during a six month period, human and elven wizards working together created several magical artifacts to use against "The raper's of dreams", as the Illithids were being called.  With the crafted items of magic, and new alliances formed, the armies of light marched upon the Illithids in seven  huge battles.  What can only be described as horror on earth, witnesses that survived stated that the battles were unlike any that they had ever seen in their lives.  Grim images of nightmares, imploding minds, blank stares of death, were all descriptions of the mighty battles that raged.  The final battle took place in Uril'go'n in the center of the city, underneath the massive domed ceiling.  The battle raged for hours, and came to be known as, "The Battle of Severed Dreams".  The combined powers of Elven wizards and Human Sorcerers brought down the ceiling, and buried the city of Uril'go'n alive.  Few survived that final battle, but history records that  no Illithid of Uril'go'n ever set foot on the surface lands again.



"Durjan's Hundred"

Durjan Gleamspike, LN hm 10th level Warrior, leader of "Durjan's Hundred".
Wearen Darkmantle, LN hf 8th level Warrior, Captain of the Hundred.
Joshen Tallbough, LG hem 6th level Warrior, Archers company leader
Markus Steelsword, N hm 6th level Warrior, Swordsmen company leader
Hogrin, LN dm 6th level Warrior, Pikemen company leader
Berrin Highstride, NG hm 6th level Warrior, Calvalry company leader
Huris Warcry, CN hm 6th level Priest of Tempus

In actuallity there are somewhere near 150 mercenaries in Drujan's army, but he has decided to keep the original as a reminder that all things start small, but eventually rise to greatness.

25 Archers (human and half-elven) Studded leather, short sword, dagger, longbow
30 Pike (human and dwarf) Chainmail, shortsword, dagger, Pike
30 Swordsmen (Human, half-elf) Chainmail, Longswords, dagger, shields, mace
35 Medium Cavalry(human) Chainmail, Longsword, dagger, Light Lance, shield
5   Scouts (2 elven, 3 human) Leather armor, various weaponry
20 Assorted craftsmen(fletchers, blacksmith, bowyer, etc.)

All mercenaries are 1st thru 4th level, and neutral to lawful neutral in alignment with few exceptions.  Durjan prefers not to use wizards, and has found them to be hindrances more than help in most battles.  Durjan does not fear magic, and employs several magical weapons of his own.  There is even one report that Durjan carries a  shortsword called "Thought Eater".  An intelligent weapon forged long ago during the "Mind Slayer Wars".

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