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The work contained on this page has been collated by Pierre Godbout and Lee Nelson from various 3.0\3.5 edition Forgotten Realms products. This is to allow easy location of Prestige Classes by providing basic information and the name of the product in which the full description and details can be found.

Prestige Classes of the Realms

Compiled by Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson & Alaundo


Note: This list contains the most recently updated versions of the FR PRCs. If a given PRC has appeared in a previous product, it will be noted at the end of its entry under brackets (i.e. previously published in FRCS would look like [3.0 FRCS p. XX], for example]) For the sake of simplicity, spellcasting requirements are listed as such: spell level / type of magic. For example, a requirement such as "Able to cast 3rd-level divine spells" would be noted as: "3rd div."
Bear in mind that RoF was written for 3.5 edition but still contained 3.0 elements (flaws that have not been addressed through an official Errata).


Title Prerequisites Ver Source
Aglarondan Griffonrider Any nonevil, BAB +3, Dip 5rks, Ride 10rks, Spot 5rks, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack,
must qualify to select regional feats from Aglarond
3.5 UNA p.19
Ancient Master Any evil Yuan-ti (usually chaotic evil), BAB +9, Conc 15rks, Kn(arc) 10rks,
access to extensive magical library and a tutor with at least 14 sor or wiz class levels or with any psi powers or class levels
3.5 SK p.159
Arachne 3rd div., Chaotic Evil Female; aranea, choldrith, deep dragon, drow, half-drow, or half-fiend draegloth; HndlAnml 3rks, Kn(arc) 4rks, Speak Language (abyssal), Splcrft 4rks, Great Fortitude, Still Spell, Survivor, plus either Exotic Weap. Prof. (hand crossbow) or Weap. Finesse (dagger), Patron Deity Lolth, Spider Domain, must have passed the Test of Lolth (given to above-average followers of Lolth upon reaching 6th level) 3.0 F&P p. 183
Arachnomancer Any evil, Base Fort +4, Climb 3rks, Kn(nat) 4rks, able to cast spider climb, summon swarm and web as arcane spells, must undergo a scarification ritual 3.5 UND p. 29
Arcane Devotee 4th arc., Kn(rel) 5rks*, Splcrft 8rks, Enlarge Spell, must have a patron deity 3.5 PGtoF p.48 [3.0 FRCS p.40]
Archmage 7th arc., knowledge of 5th-level or higher spells from at least five schools, Kn(arc) 15rks, Splcrft 15rks, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Spell Focus in two schools of magic 3.5 [3.0 FRCS p.41]
Auspician Any chaotic, Fort +5, Ref +2, Dodge, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Luck Domain 3.0 F&P p. 185
Battlerager Any nonlawful dwarf, BAB +5, Intmdte 8rks, Kn(rel) 2rks, Perf(singing) 2rks, Perf(any other) 2rnks, Cleave, Endurance, Power Attack, ability to rage 3.5 RoF p.179
Black Blood Cultist CE, CN or NE. Knowledge (nature) 2 rks, Survival 8 rks, Improved Unarmed Strike, Track. Ability to rage. 3.5 CoR p.44
Black Blood Hunter Any lycanthrope, Control Shape 8rks (afflicted lycanthropes only), Jump 6rks, Kn(nat) 4rks, Surv 6rks, Power Attack, Vile Natural Attack, Patron Deity Malar 3.5 PGtoF p.178
Black Flame Zealot 2nd div., any nongood, Hide 8rks, Kn(rel) 8rks, MovSil 8rks, Exotic Weap. (kukri), Iron Will, Sneak Attack +1d6, Patron Deity Kossuth, must slay an enemy of the faith for no other reason than to join the Order of the Black Flame 3.5 UNA p.21
Bladesinger 1st arc., Elf or half-elf, BAB +5, Bal 2rks, Conc 4rks, Perf(dance) 2rks, Perf(sing) 2rks, Tumb 2rks, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Weapon Focus (longsword or rapier) 3.5 CW p.17 [3.4 RoF p. 179]
Breachgnome Any nonchaotic gnome, BAB +5, Lis 5rks, Spot 5rks, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative 3.5 RoF p.181
Cavelord Kn(Underdark - local) 8rks, Search 2rks, Spot 2rks, Surv 4rks, Track 3.5 UND p. 31
Celebrant of Sharess Chaotic Good, Dip 7rks, Perf(any) 7rks, Sacred Vow, Vow of Purity 3.5 PGtoF p.179
Cognition Thief 5rks in two of the following: Bluff, Disg, GathInf, and OpLck; Inquisitor, able to manifest the psionic blast power 3.5 PGtoF p.174
Coiled Cabalist 3rd arc., any evil Yuan-ti (usually chaotic evil), BAB +7, Conc 9rks, Kn(arc) 9rks 3.5 SK p.161
Crinti Shadow Marauder Any nongood, Handle Animal 4, Hide 8, Move Silently 8, Ride 8, Mounted Combat, Stealthy, Dambrath, Crinti 3.5  SS p.23
Cultist of the Shattered Peak Human of Netherese descent. Decipher Script 4, Disable Device 4, Knowledge (history) 4, Speak Language (Loross). No levels in arcane spellcasting. 3.5 LEoF p.10
Darkmask 2nd div., drow or half-drow, Hide 8rks, MovSil 6rks, PckPckt 4rks, WildLore 2rks, Daylight Adaptation (drow only), Stealthy, Patron Deity Vhaeraun, must have survived a combat encounter against one or more clerics of Lolth 3.0 LoD p.34
Deep Diviner 2nd arc., Kn(Underdark - local) 8rks, Surv 2rks, Spell Foc. (Div) 3.5 UND p. 32
Divine Champion BAB +7, Kn(rel) 3rks, Weapon Focus (deity's favored weapon), must have a patron deity 3.5 PGtoF p.49 [3.0 FRCS p.42]
Divine Disciple 4th div., Kn(rel) 8rks, Dip 5rks, must have a patron deity 3.5 PGtoF p.51 [3.0 FRCS p.43]
Divine Seeker Hide 8rks, Kn(rel) 3rks, MovSil 10rks, Spot 5rks, Stealthy, must have a patron deity 3.5 PGtoF p.52 [3.0 FRCS p.44]
Doomguide Lawful Neutral, Base Will Save Bonus +4, Dip 5rks, Kn(planes) 5rks, Extra Turning, Great Fortitude, ability to cast speak with dead as a divine spell, Patron Deity Kelemvor, must have destroyed an undead of at least 5HD, whether through weapons, spells, or positive energy. He does not need to have done this alone; must be proficient with the bastard sword 3.0 F&P p. 187
Dreadmaster 3rd div., Lawful Evil, BAB +4, Intmdte 5rks, SnsMot 4rks, Leadership, Skill Focus (Intmdte), Spell Focus (Enchantment), Patron Deity Bane, Hatred or Tyranny Domain, must have a cohort of at least 6th level 3.0 F&P p. 188
Drow Judicator 1st arc. or div., any evil drow, BAB +5, Intmdte 4rks, Kn(rel) 4rks, Combat Reflexes, Lolth's Meat, must survive the rites of entry administered by clerics of Selvetarm or Lolth 3.5 UND p. 33
Durthan 1st arc. or div., any evil drow, BAB +5, Intmdte 4rks, Kn(rel) 4rks, Combat Reflexes, Lolth's Meat, must survive the rites of entry administered by clerics of Selvetarm or Lolth 3.5 UND p. 33
Dweomerkeeper 2nd arc. AND div., human, kn(arc) 8rks, splcrft 8rks, any item creation feat, any metamagic feat, Exotic Weap. (shuriken), one of the following metamagic feats: Delay Spell, Persistent Spell, or Twin Spell; able to cast dispel magic, Magic or Spell Domain, Patron Deity Mystra, must have created at least one magic item, whether or not of permanent nature; cannot have the Shadow Weave Magic feat 3.0 F&P p. 190
Elemental Archon Any neutral, kn(nat) 8rks, speak language (either Auran, Terran, Ignan and Aquan, depending on the element chosen), ability to cast protection from elements as a divine spell, Patron Akadi, Grumbar, Istishia or Kossuth, depending on the element chosen 3.0 F&P p. 191
Elven High Mage 9th arc.; sun elf, moon elf or wood elf; Kn(arc) 25 rks, Splcrft 25rks, Epic Skill Focus [Kn{arc)], Epic Skill Focus (Splcrft), must survive scrutiny and meet approval of all existing elven high mages 3.5 RoF p.182
Entropist 4th div., Lawful Evil, Conc 5rks, Kn(arc) 5rks, Scry 4rks, Education, Great Fortitude, Patron Deity Entropy (Tiamat), must have killed an elf, sorcerer or wizard, either in combat or by burning in a witchweed execution 3.0 LoD p.138
Evereskan Tomb Guardian 2nd arc., Elf from Evereska, BAB +4, Hide 5rks, Lis 2rks, MovSil 5rks, Spot 2rks, Surv 5rks, Alertness, Track 3.5 PGtoF p.53
Eye of Horus-Re 3rd div., Lawful Good from Mulhorand, Kn(rel) 9rks, Spot 4rks, Alertness, Extra Turning, Sun Domain 3.5 PGtoF p.55
Fang of Sseth Any evil Yuan-ti, human, Yuan-ti-human crossbreed, tainted one, or other Yuan-ti-created being (usually chaotic evil), BAB +7, Patron Deity Sseth (cannot worship any other gods/goddesses), any two of the following feats: Alertness, Deceitful, Deft Hands, Investigator, Negotiator, Nimble Fingers, Persuasive, Stealthy; the candidate must have slain in the name of Sseth and aided a Yuan-ti without prearranged payment or reward 3.5 SK p.162
Forest Master IntDir 4rks, Kn(nat) 8rks, WildLore 13rks, Alertness, Endurance, Power Attack, Skill Focus (WildLore); ability to cast entangle, plant growth, and control plants; Patron Deity Silvanus; must have made peaceful contact with a treant; must be proficient with the maul 3.0 F&P p. 193
Giant-Killer BAB +5, Hide 2rks, WildLore 4rks, Dodge, Mobility, Toughness, must have already slain at least one giant of any type, not necessarily alone but must have caused damage at least with one melee attack 3.0 SM p. 110
Glorious Servitor Aasimar , human or tiefling. Diplomacy 6, Knowledge (Mulhorand local) 6, knowledge (religion) 6. Godsight, Improved Turning. Mulhorandi deity. 3.5 LEoF p. 13
Gnome Artificer 1st arc. of the illusion school, gnome (or human from Lantan region), Alchem 3rks, Craft (armor., blacksm., gemcut., locksm., metalwkng., trapmkng., or weaponmkng.) 8rks, Craft(any other two from previous list) 4rks, DisDev 2rks, Kn(architec) 4rks, Kn(eng) 4rks, Prof(apothecary, eng. or siege eng.) 3rks, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Foc (any of the above Craft skills) 3.0 MoF p. 23
Goldeye 3rd div., Neutral, App 4rks, Dip 4rks, Innu 2rks, Prof(bookkeeper, innkeeper, scribe, or similar mercantile-related profession) 4rks, Speak Language (must know two human languages, each spoken in a region different from your home region), Alertness, Exotic Weap. (nunchaku), Skill Focus (Dip), Patron Deity Waukeen, character must have acquired at least 5K gp worth of coins, gems, jewelry, and/or business investments (borrowing does not count towards this total) 3.0 F&P p. 194
Great Rift Deep Defender Gold Dwarf, any lawful, bab +7, Dodge, Endurance, Toughness, The Great Rift 3.5 SS p.25
Great Rift Skyguard Gold dwarf, HndlAnml 4rks, Jump 4rks, Ride 8rks, Mounted Combat, Toughness 3.5 RoF p.183
Great Sea Corsair   3.5 SS p.26
Gray Hand Enforcer Non-evil, Intimidate 5rks, Endurance, Toughness, Power Attack or Empower spell. Base Attack +7. Member of the Gray Hands. 3.5 CoS p.78
Guild Thief GatInf 3rks, Hide 8rks, Intmdt 3rks, MovSil 3rks, membership in a thieves' guild 3.0 FRCS p.45
Guild Wizard of Waterdeep 3rd arc., any nonevil, Alchem 4rks, Kn(arc) 8rks, Scry 4rks, Splcrft 8rks, Scribe Scroll, any one metamagic feat, one of the following: Spell Penetration or Spell Focus (any), must pay initiation fee of 1,000gp 3.0 MoF p. 26
Halruaan Elder Diplomacy 5, Know(arcana) 10, Spellcraft 10, Halruaan Adept, Spell Thematics, metamagic feat, item creation feat, 4th lvl arcane, Halruaa, Halruaa Council of Elders 3.5 SS p.27
Halruaan Magehound Concentration 5, Gather Info 4, Sense Motive 4, Spellcraft 5, Combat Casting, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, 4th lvl arcane or divine, Azuth, Halruaa 3.5 SS p.29
Hammer of Moradin 2nd div., Dwarf from Spine of the World, BAB +7, Craft(weapsmth) 10rks, Iron Will, Weapon Focus (warhammer), Patron Deity Moradin, must be a member of the Hammers of Moradin 3.5 PGtoF p.56
Hand of the Adama LG or LN, Diplomacy 8, Heal 8, Know(religion) 8, 3rd lvl divine, Adama, The Golden Water 3.5 SS p.31
Harper Agent Any nonevil, Dip 8rks, Kn(loc) 4rks, SnsMot 2rks, Surv 2rks, Negotiator, sponsorship by a member of the Harpers & approval of the High Harpers 3.5 PGtoF p.58
Harper Mage 3rd arc., any nonevil, Conc 4rks, Kn(arc) 8rks, Kn(local) 5rks****, Kn(any other) 8rks, Scry 4rks, SnsMot 2rks, Splcrft 8rks, Alertness, Education ****, Extend Spell, sponsorship by a member of the Harpers & approval of the High Harpers 3.0 MoF p. 28
Harper Paragon Dip 8rks, Perf(any) 5rks, SnsMotv 4rks, Surv 2rks, Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience, must have one of the following Favored Enemies: humanoid (goblinoid, gnoll, orc or reptilian), outsider (evil), undead, Church of Bane, Cult of the Dragon, Iron Throne, malaugryms, Red Wizards or the Zhentarim 3.5 PGtoF p.182
Harper Priest 3rd div., any nonevil, Dip 4rks, Kn(arc) 4rks, Kn(rel) 8rks, Splcrft 8rks, Alertness, Iron Will, sponsorship by a member of the Harpers & approval of the High Harpers, Paton Deity must be nonevil and not devoted to wanton destruction 3.0 MoF p. 30
Harper Scout Any nonevil, Bluff 4rks, Dip 8rks, Kn(loc) 4rks, Prfrm 5rks, SnsMot 2rks, WildLore 2rks, Alertness, Iron Will, sponsorship by a member of the Harpers & approval of the High Harpers 3.0 FRCS p.46
Hathran 4th arc. or div., Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good Female from Rashemen, Kn(Rashemen local) 4rks, Ethran, Leadership, Patron Deity Chauntea, Mielikki or Mystra, must be a member of the Witches of Rashemen and she may not possess any item creation feats other than Scribe Scroll 3.5 PGtoF p.60 [3.0 FRCS p.47]
Heartwarder 3rd div. or arc., Chaotic Good, Bluff 3rks, Dip 6rks, Speak Language (Sylvan), Base Ref +2, Dodge, Mobility, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Exotic Weap. (whip), Patron Deity Sune 3.0 F&P p. 196
Hierophant 7th div., Kn(rel) 15rks or Kn(nat) 15rks***, any metamagic feat 3.0 FRCS p.48
Hin Fist Halfling, LG, Yolanda, Luiren 3.5 SS p.32
Hordebreaker BAB +5, Kn(loc) 5rks, Spot 4rks, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave 3.0 SM p. 111
Horned Harbinger Any evil, Kn(planes) 8rks, Patron Deity Myrkul, must have touched the Crown of Horns, a Netherese artifact that now contains the remnants of Myrkul's sentience, at least once since the Time of Troubles 3.0 F&P p. 197
Illithid Body Tamer Illithid, illthidkin, or a creature with the half-illithid template; BAB +6, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Weap. Foc. (tentacle) 3.5 UND p. 35
Imaskari Vengeance Taker 3rd arc., any lawful, Hide 4rks, MovSil 5rks, Surv 2rks, Track, must have slain a creature or enemy purely for revenge, must swear to obey the Imaskari Vengeance Taker Code 3.5 UND p. 37
Incantatrix 3rd arc., Conc 4rks, Kn(arc) 8rks, Splcrft 8rks, Iron Will, any one metamagic feat, cannot have abjuration as a prohibited school 3.5 PGtoF p.61 [3.0 MoF p.31]
Inquisitor of the Drowning Goddess Kuo-Toa, Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral, Conc 8rks, Kn(rel) 4rks, Improved Unarmed Strike, Patron Deity Blibdoolpoolp 3.5 UND p. 39
Jordain Vizier Human (Halruaan), lawful, Will +6, Concentration 8, Diplomacy 2, Gather info 2, Heal 2, Know(arcana) 8, Know(history) 4, Know(nobility and royalty) 4, Know(other) 4, Listen 2, Spellcraft 4, Iron Will, Spellwise, Mystra or Azuth, speak Common Halruaan +2 more, House Jordain 3.5 SS p.33
Justice of Weald and Woe Base attack bonus +6, Craft (bowmaking) 8rks, Hide 8rks, Knowledge (nature) 4 rks, Move Silently 8 rks, Survival 8rks. Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (longbow) 3.5 CoR p.48
Justiciar of Tyr 2nd div., Lawful Good, BAB +5, Dip 7rks, Kn(loc) 4rks, Kn(rel) 6rks, Patron Deity Tyr 3.5 PGtoF p.64
Knight-Errant of Silverymoon Any good, BAB +5, IntDir 2rks, Kn(Silverymoon or The North - local) 4rks, Ride 4rks, Spot 4rks, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Survivor, Weap. Foc. (light lance or heavy lance), serve with Knights in Silver for 1 year+ and petition Knight-Grand Commander Sernius Alathar for detachment as Knight-errant directly from Taern Hornblade, High Mage of Silverymoon 3.0 SM p. 112
Knight of the Blue Moon Any good. Base Attack bonus +4, Concentration 5rks, Knowledge (arcana) 4 rks, Knowledge (religion) 4 rnks. Patron Deity Selune or Mystra. Ability to cast arcane spells and turn undead. Craft magical items\armor, Lunar Magic, Weapon Focus. Member of The Order of the Blue Moon. 3.5 CoS p.81
Knight of the Flying Hunt LG, NG, LN . Base Attack bonus +7, Human of half-moon elf. Handle Animal 8rks, Ride 8rks. Resident of Nimbral. Membership of the Knights of the Flying Hunt. Feats: Favored in Guild, Mounted Combat, Weapon Focus (lance) 3.5 CoV p.106
Knight of the Weave Any non-evil . Base Attack bonus +5, or cast 3rd level arcane spells. Knowledge (arcana) 1rk, Knowledge (history) 1rk, Spellcraft 1rk. Cannot be user of Shadow Weave. 3.5 CoV p.111
Luiren Marchwarden Halfling, nonevil, bab +4, Know(local) 5, Know(geography) 8, Alertness, Investigator, Track, 1st lvl divine, Luiren 3.5 SS p.35
Mage-Killer 4th arc. or div., ability to cast 3 spells requiring Fort saves and 3 spells requiring Ref saves (a spell that inflict damage but allow no saving throw can substitute for any of these required spells), Splcrft 10rks, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Combat Casting, Martial Weap. (any) 3.0 MoF p. 33
Magelord Intimidate 3, knowledge (history) 6, knowledge (arcana) 6, Improved Initiative, Spell Mastery, Signature spell, Weapon focus (ray), ability to cast 5th level spells. Any non-lawful alignment. 3.5 LEoF p.17
Maiden of Pain Female, Intmdte 4rks, Violate Spell, able to cast Masochism and Sadism as divine spells, Patron Deity Loviatar, the candidate must have used the drug agony (aka liquid pain) 3.5 PGtoF p.183
Maquar Crusader LG or LN, bab +5, know(nobility and royalty) 4, Alertness, Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus (falchion), Adama, The Golden Water, Maquar 3.5 SS p.38
Martyred Champion of Ilmater Lawful Good, Kn(rel) 4rks, any one skill 9rks, Endurance, Nimbus of Light, Patron Deity Ilmater, must have died in heroic sacrifice and returned to life 3.5 PGtoF p.185
Master Alchemist 4th arc. or div., Alchem. 10rks, Splcrft 10rks, Brew Potion, Magical Artisan (potions), Skill Foc. (Alchem.) 3.0 MoF p. 28
Master of the Yuirwood Any nonevil elf or half-elf, Kn(nat) 5rks, Surv 10rks, Alertness, Track, must qualify to select regional feats from Aglarond or the Star Elf region 3.5 UNA p.25
Master of Vipers Any evil Yuan-ti (usually chaotic evil), BAB +7, Kn(nat) 8rks, Great Fortitude 3.5 SK p.163
Moonsea Skysentinal Base Attack Bonus +5, Handle Animal 8rks, Ride 8rks, Mounted Combat. Membership of the Knights of the North. 3.5 CoV p.117
Moonstar Agent Decipher Script 4rks, Gather information 4rks, Knowledge (history) 8 rks, Investigator, Stealthy. Bardic Knowledge, loremaster class, Ability to cast disguise self and identify. Member of Tel Teukiira. 3.5 CoS p.84
Monk of the Long Death Any nongood, Craft (alchemy) 5rks, Craft (poisonmaking) 7rks, Heal 3rks, Kn(arc) 8rks, Base Will Save Bonus +5, candidate must be inducted into monks of the long death via a secret ceremony consisting of various morbid and hideous acts designed to test his resolve 3.5 PGtoF p.65
Morninglord of Lathander 3rd div. (including daylight), any good, Craft (any) 4rks, Dip 7rks, Kn(rel) 8rks, Perf (any) 2 rks, Improved Turning, Patron Deity Lathander 3.5 PGtoF p.67
Mystic Wanderer 2nd div., any nonlawful, Alchem 3rks, Dip 8rks, Kn(nat) 3rks, Perf 3rks, Prof(herbalist) 3rks, Iron Will 3.0 MoF p. 35
Naga Overlord Any evil Naga, Bluff 4rks, Dip 4rks, Intmdte 4rks, SnsMot 4rks, Extend Spell, Skill Focus (Intmdte), Spell Focus (Enchantment), able to cast dominate person as a spell 3.5 SK p.165
Nar Demonbinder 4th arc. or div. and knowledge of at least one summon monster spell, Intmdte 5rks, Kn(planes) 10rks, SnsMot 2rks, Speak Lang. (abyssal), Iron Will, Spell Foc. (conj.) 3.5 UNA p.26
Nentyar Hunter Any nonevil, Search 4rks, Spot 8rks, Surv 8rks, Alertness, Combat Casting, Track, must qualify to select regional feats from the Great Dale region 3.5 UNA p.28
Netherese Arcanist 13th arc., human (including human undead) or shade, Kn(arc) 25rks, Spcrft 25rks, Improved Metamagic, Improved Spellcasting, Improved Spell Capacity*, Traditions of Netheril: candidate must have access to the ancient magical traditions of Netheril. A lich or a shade character from the Empire of Shade meets this criterion, or (at the DM's discretion) another character who has unearthed ancient Netherese lore might also qualify 3.5 PGtoF p.132
Night Mask Deathbringer Evil. Hide 8, Knowledge (local) 3, Move Silently 8. Great Fortitude. Evasion and Uncanny Dodge class features. 3.5 CoR p.53
Nightcloak 2nd div., clerics must have Darkness Domain, Neutral Evil, BAB +3, Bluff 2rks, Hide 2rks, MovSil 2rks, Perform 4rks, Iron Will, Shadow Weave Magic, Spell Focus (Ench., Illus. or Necr.), any one of the following: Pernicious Magic or Tenacious Magic, Patron Deity Shar 3.0 F&P p. 198
Ocular Adept Any humanoid or monstrous humanoid, Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil, Base Fort +4, Conc 8rks, Endurance, must supplicate himself before one or more beholders, pleading to be accepted into their community as an ocular adept, must forswear all allegiances to his previous deity and swear devotion to the Great Mother 3.0 F&P p. 200
Olin Gisir Elf or half-elf. Concentration 8, knowlege (arcana) 10, knowledge (history) 10, Iron Will & 2 metamagic feats. Ability to cast 3rd level spells and access to Abjuration school. 3.5 LEoF p. 21
Orc Scout Orc, half-orc or tanarukk, BAB +5, MovSil 6rks, WildLore 4rks, Alertness, Endurance, Stealthy 3.0 SM p. 114
Orc Warlord Any nongood orc or half-orc, BAB +5, Intmdte 8rks, Ride 5rks, Surv 5rks, Blood of the Warlord or Might Makes Right, Leadership, must be able to rage 3.5 RoF p.184
Peerless Archer BAB +7, Craft(bowmaking) 10rks, Proficiency in: longbow, shortbow, comp. longbow or comp. shortbow, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw 3.0 SM p. 116
Prime Underdark Guide Any nonevil, Bal 2rks, Climb 8rks, Dip 5rks, GatInf 5rks, Kn(Underdark - local) 5rks, Surv 5rks, UseRope 2rks, Alertness, Track, must know at least four languages 3.5 UND p. 40
Purple Dragon Knight any nonevil and nonchaotic, from Cormyr or Kn(Cormyr local) 8rks, BAB +4, Dip or Intmdte 1rk, List 2rks, Ride 2rks, Spot 2rks, Leadership, Mounted Combat, must be a member of the Purple Dragons 3.5 PGtoF p.68 [3.0 FRCS p.49]
Raumathari Battlemage 3rd arc. and knowledge of at least four evocation spells, Combat Casting, Exotic Weap. (bastard sword), any one metamagic feat, Speak Lang. (Roushoum and Imaskari), Proficient with martial weapons, must find a mentor who already has levels in Raumathari Battlemage and spend at least ten days studying in the mentor's company, during which time both the mentor and student must spend at least 8 hours a day in training 3.5 UNA p.29
Red Wizard 3rd arc., any nongood human from Thay, Splcrft 8rks, Tattoo Focus, any three metamagic feats or item creation feats 3.0 3.0 FRCS p. 50
3.5 DMG
Runecaster 3rd div., Craft (calligraphy, gemcutting, metalworking, stonecarving, or woodcarving) 8rks, Splcrft 8rks, Inscribe Runes 3.5 PGtoF p.70 [3.0 FRCS p.51]
Runescarred Berserker BAB +7, Craft(scarring) 5rks, Intmdte 5rks, SnsMot 2rks, Iron Will, Survivor, at least one berserker lodge feat, must be able to rage at least once per day and must be a member of a berserker lodge, must qualify to select regional feats from Rashemen 3.5 UNA p.31
Scourge Maiden Female, LE LN or NE, bab +4, Heal 4, Intimidate 8, Use Rope 4, Initiate of Lovitar, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (scourge), Lovitar 3.5 SS p.40
Sea Mother Whip BAB +7, Craft(scarring) 5rks, Intmdte 5rks, SnsMot 2rks, Iron Will, Survivor, at least one berserker lodge feat, must be able to rage at least once per day and must be a member of a berserker lodge, must qualify to select regional feats from Rashemen 3.5 UND p. 42
Serpent Slayer BAB +6, Conc 4rks, Kn(nat) 2rks, Spot 4rks, Combat Casting, Dodge, Mobility, able to cast arc. or div. spells 3.5 SK p.166
Shaaryan Hunter From the Shaar, BAB +5, HndlAnml 4rks, Ride 6rks, Surv 8rks, Animal Affinity, Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Track 3.5 PGtoF p.71
Shade Hunter Evil. Climb 4, Decipher Script 4, Disable Device 5, Jump 4, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 6, Knowledge History 2, Search 8, Speak Lanaguage (Netherese) 6, Use Magic Device, . Track. Shades as favored enemy. 3.5 CoR p.58
Shadow Adept 3rd arc. or div., any nongood, Kn(arc) 8rks, Splcrft 8rks, Shadow Weave Magic, any one metamagic feat 3.5 PGtoF p.73 [3.0 FRCS p.53]
Shadow Thief of Amn Bluff 3rks, GathInf 3rks, Hide 8rks, Intmdte 3rks, MovSil 3rks, Persuasive, must be a member of Shadow Thieves' guild 3.5 PGtoF p.74
Shadowcrafter Greater Spell Foc. (Illus.), Spell Foc. (Illus.), Disg 4rks, able to cast any 3rd-level or higher spell with the illusion (shadow) descriptor 3.5 UND p. 43
Shou Disciple BAB +3, Base Ref +2, Bal 4rks, Jump 8rks, Tumb 4rks, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weap. Foc. (unarmed strike), must qualify to select regional feats from the Shou Expatriate or the Thesk regions 3.5 UNA p.33
Silverstar 2nd div., clerics must have the Moon Domain, BAB +4, IntDir 2rks, SnsMot 2rks, Chaotic Good, Blind-Fight, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Patron Deity Selûne 3.0 F&P p. 201
Slime Lord Any evil, BAB +4, Disg 6rks, Willing Deformity, Patron Deity Ghaunadar 3.5 PGtoF p.186
Spelldancer 3rd arc. or div., Conc 4rks, Perf(dance, other forms) 6rks****, Tumb 4rks, Combat Casting, Dodge, Endurance, Mobility 3.0 MoF p. 37
Spellfire Channeler Conc 8rks, Kn(arc) 2rks, Spcrft 2rks, Endurance, Spellfire Wielder 3.0 MoF p. 39
Spellfire Hierophant Conc 24rks, Kn(arc) 12rks, Spcrft 12rks, Endurance, Epic Spellfire Wielder, Spellfire Wielder, Weap. Foc. (spellfire) 3.5 PGtoF p.134
Spellguard of Silverymoon 4th arc., any nonevil from Silverymoon or Silver Marches *, Conc 8rks, Splcrft 5rks, Combat Casting, any one metamagic feat, must be accepted into the Spellguard 3.5 PGtoF p.75
Spellsinger At least 1/8 elven blood, Kn(arc) 8rks, Perf(hand instrument, singing, and others) 8rks, Improved Counterspell, Skill Focus (Perform), ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation 3.5 RoF p.186
Spur Lord BAB +4, Bluff 3rks, Conc 3rks, Kn(rel) 3rks, SnsMot 3rks, Tumb 5rks, Iron Will, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Patron Deity Cyric, must have either made peaceful contact with an evil outsider that served Cyric or received a prophetic dream from Cyric 3.0 LoD p.11
Stormlord 3rd div., Base Fort +4, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus (any spear or javelin), Patron Deity Talos, must have been hit by a bolt of lightning (magical or natural) and survived the experience 3.0 F&P p. 203
Strifeleader 3rd div., Disg 8rks, Bluff 4rks, Intmdte 4rks, Speak Lang (abyssal), Iron Will, Spell Foc (Illusion), Weap. Foc. (longsword), Patron Deity Cyric, must hae single-handedly slain an illusionist, a cleric of Cyric, or someone with Spell Focus (Illusion) 3.0 F&P p. 204
Sun Soul Monk LG or LE. Will +4. Concentration 8 rks, Knowledge (arcana) 4 rks, knowledge (religion) 4 rks. Langs: Ignan, Loross. Athetic, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist. Patron Deity: Lathander, Selune or Sune. Member of the Order of the Sun Soul. 3.5 CoS p. 88
Sunmaster Any lawful alighment. Knowledge (history) 8, knowledge (geography) 4, knowledge (religion) 4, Speak Language (Loross). Servant of the Fallen (Amaunator), ability to cast 2nd level divine spells (Law and Sun domains). Patron deity Amaunator. 3.5 LEoF p. 25
Sword Dancer 2nd div., elf or half-elf female, BAB +5, Dip 5rks, Perf 5rks (includes dance and singing), Speak Lang. (elf & undercommon), Dodge, Expertise, Skill Focus (Perf), Weap. Foc. (any sword), Patron Deity Eilistraee, must have seen the sun rise at least once and spent at least one continuous month living on the surface without entering the Underdark, dancing each night under the light of the moon 3.0 F&P p. 205
Talontar Blightlord 4th div., any evil, Great Fortitude, Martial Weap. (glaive), Patron Deity Talona 3.5 UNA p.34
Techsmith Craft(armor., blacksm., weap., or metalworkng) 9rks, Craft Wondrous Item, Skill Focus (Craft - same one as above), ability to cast minor creation, must visit the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration in the city of Illul on the island of Lantan, Patron Deity Gond 3.0 F&P p. 207
Telflammar Shadowlord Any nongood, Hide 10rks, MovSil 10rks, Blind-Fight, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack; if the character is not a shadow-walker, he must either possess the ability to shadow jumb (as per the shadowdancer PrC) or be able to cast dimensional door as a spell or spell-like ability; Sneak Attack +2d6; must qualify to select regional feats from Thesk 3.5 UNA p.36
Thayan Gladiator Evil. Base Attack Bonus +5. Toughness, Weapon Focus (natural weapon). Must possess at least 1 natural weapon. 3.5 CoR p.63
Thayan Knight Any nongood human from Thay, BAB +5, Intmdte 2rks, Kn(arc) 2rks, Knw(Thay-local) 2rks, Iron Will, Weapon Focus (longsword); Social Status: No slaves; must have sworn allegiance to the Red Wizards of Thay 3.0 LoD p.64
Thayan Slaver Any evil human, App 10rnks, Intmdte 10rks, UseRope 5rks, Sneak Attack +2d6, must qualify to select regional feats from Thay 3.5 UNA p.38
Triadic Knight LG, Patron Deity: Ilmater, Torm, Tyr. Base Attack Bonus +5. Initiate of Ilmater\Torm\Tyr (PGtF) , Endurance. Knowledge (local) 4rks, Knowlege (religion) 4 rks, Knowledge (the planes) 2 rks. 3.5 CoV p.122
Vengeance Knight LE, LN, NE. Base Attack Bonus +5. Intimidate 6, Ride 4, Sense Motive 2. Iron Will. Weapon Focus (any sword). Proficient with heavy armor and heavy shields. 3.5 CoR p.67
Vermin Keeper HndlAnml 8rks, Kn(nat) 8rks, Iron Will, Wild Shape ability 3.5 UND p. 44
War Wizard of Cormyr 4th arc., any nonevil, nonchaotic, Spcrft 10rks, Enlarge Spell, Widen Spell, Martial Weap. (any) 3.0 MoF p. 41
Warrior Skald Conc 6rks, Perf(poetry, any others) 9rks, Power Attack, Cleave 3.5 RoF p.187
Warsling Sniper Halfling, BAB +5, Craft(weap) 3rks, Hide 4rks, Spot 6rks, Exotic Weapon Proficiencies (halfling warsling AND skiprock), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot 3.5 RoF p.187
Waveservant 2nd div., clerics must have Ocean Domain, BAB +5, Intmdte 4rks, IntDir 3rks, Kn(nat) 4rks, Speak Language (Aquan), Swim 4rks, Endurance, Weap. Foc. (trident), Patron Deity Umberlee, must have made peaceful contact with water elemental, evil creature of type outsider (water) or evil aquatic creature of at least 6HD and the character must have communicated with it through language or magic 3.0 F&P p. 209
Wearer of Purple Any evil, Base Will +5, Alchem 5rks, Dip 4rks, Kn(arc) 8rks, Kn(loc) 3rks, Speak Lang. (draconic), Iron Will, Spell Foc. (Nec), able to cast at least one Nec. spell, must have made peaceful contact with an evil true dragon or dracolich 3.0 F&P p. 211
Wild Scout BAB +5, Hide 8rks, IntDir 4rks, Kn(nat) 4rks, MovSil 4rks,Endurance, Track 3.0 SM p. 117
Windwalker Ability to cast div. spells, clerics must have Air or Travel Domain; human, half-elf or air genasi; BAB +5, Hide 5rks, IntDir 5rks, MovSil 5rks, WildLore 3rks, Lightning Reflexes, Track, Weap. Focus (greatsword), Patron Deity Shaundakul, must have visited at least 3 different regions in her lifetime, must have flown at least once for an hour or more, whether by means of magic or an aerial mount. 3.0 F&P p. 212
Yathchol Webrider Chitine or any web-spinning race (creatures who know or can prepare web as a spell or spell-like ability also qualify), Hide 8rks, MovSil 4rks, Dodge, Mobility, Skill Foc. [Craft(trapmaking)] 3.5 UND p. 46
Yathrinshee Drow female, Kn(arc) 7rks, Kn(rel) 7rks, Perf(sing) 3rks, Lichloved, Spell Focus (Necromancy), able to cast animate deat as a divine spell and spectral hand as an arcane spell, Patron Deity Kiaransalee 3.5 PGtoF p.187
Zhentarim Skymage Dip 2rks, HndlAnml 2rks, Kn(geo) 2rks, Ride 2rks, Scry 3rks, Splcrft 4rks, Combat Casting, Iron Will, Mounted Combat, member in good standing of the Zhentarim, able to cast detect thought, invisibility, and suggestion, plus one summon monster spell of 3rd-level or higher 3.0 LoD p.102
Zhentarim Spy Any evil, BAB +5, Bluff 5rks, Disg 5rks, Forg 5rks, GathInf 5rks, Deceitful 3.5 PGtoF p.77

*As per PGtoF Errata
**SRD = System Reference Document, free for download online
***As per FRCS Errata
****As per MoF Errata


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