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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of C Fox (A.K.A. “Foxhelm”) and is presented here with permission.

Nameless Knights
(An Order to Finder Wyvernspur)

By C Fox (A.K.A. "Foxhelm")

This groups is a collection of bards, clerics and devotees to Finder Wyvernspur who have gather for three main reasons: To advance the ethos of Finder, empower the base of the faith to a strong foundation and to improve the name of Finder throughout Faerun.


Formed in the early months months of 1370, this group was founded by a cleric of Finder that was formerly a cleric of Milil. Geth Blackwood had been a cleric of Milil that was focused on development of new writings and new songs. After finding out about Finder, Geth felt that he had found a god that best suited himself. However, as a former follower of Milil, he knew that Finder had a blackmark to his name and a rough road ahead. So after a pilgrimage, he founded the Nameless Knights to improve the reputation of the god and his faith while building the strength of the church.

The Nameless Knights Today

The Knights have developed since their inception as a force for at least non-evil. They have moved to aid forces that help build and grow as part of the ethos of Finder that promotes growth as the cycle of life. Aiding the non-destrcutive faiths in quest for those church (even working in groups of different churchs to add their arms and improve the image in the eyes of others.) They also help out governments that are of non-evil or tyranical inclinements, as long as the possiblity of developing new ideas (especially in the arts) are welcomed.

As such the Knights have gain strong bases in the Dales (circling the Singing Cave of the Lost Vale), Waterdeep (around the backroom temple that has developed there) and at a new backroom temple at the Nameless Path bardic college/art school in Arabel in Cormyr. Arcane Spellcasters with access to the teleport series of spells are very familar with certain selections of these locations. They are also looking at locations that might be best for them to develop outpost of the faith in. They also look to aid bardic colleges and venues for artists (like Taverns for Bards, Shops for craftsman and Festhall for Dancers).

The Foes of the Knights

The Knights, while a new organization has quite a few foes. Foes of the church of Finder are foes to the Knights. Talona, Gargauth, Yurtus, and Sebek are foes of this group. Tiamat opposes this group as well. She works through the few rogue sects of the Cult of the Dragon under her control in Sembia and in the Western Heartlands. These sects also work with Yuan-ti servents of "Seth". The serpent god seems to have a conflict with Finder. Little do the Yuan-ti know that "Seth" is really Set who desires control over the Saurials who follow Finder. Cultist of Moander hate Finder and his Knights and work to destroy them. A few of these cults have Drow aids who serve the will of Lolth who also desires Finder's powers. Just to boost her own.

Added to this is the large number of followers of Lathander, Milil and Oghma that see Finder as a drain on their followers. They seek to weaken his power by humilating his followers and showing him in a darker light. Mainly by only speaking of Finder's mistakes and the damage he caused by his arrogance.

As Finder was once part of the Harper, it had gained his faith the wraith of the foes of that group as well.

The Allies of the Knights

Ironically, while there are many in the faith of Milil, Lathander and Oghma who seek the fading away of Finder, there are some who seek to aid this group. This group tends to be divided between those that see Finder turning to a more positive alignment and as such must be aided in reaching that goal and those that seem Finder as a possible servent of their diety adding to their god's power.

Some members of the Harpers are also positive towards Finder and the Knights as they see them as a possible new source of good and growth in the world. If they are encourage and taught well.

Of Religions that are aligned with Finder the biggest known ones are Tymora and Selune. The Knights as well as the church of Finder have developed out reachings to the faiths of Sune, Deneir, Lliira, Waukeen, Sharess, Eilistraee, Corellon Larethion, Ervan Ilesere and Hanali Celanil. They were selected as those that have similar interest with Finder and might make strong allies. There have also been outreaching to the faiths of Oghma, Milil and Lathander. Those have been hot and cold depending on the follower.

Membership in the Knights

The Knights tend to be open minded with their membership, welcoming in all of those that wish to follow the faith of Finder. As long as the member is willing to perform a task in aid of the knights and/or the faith of Finder. (Ex. Spreading Finder's ethos, Improving Finder's name, or making the foundation of the faith stronger.) Most members of the Knights tend to be human, saurial or half-elf, but there are planetouched, halfing and elven and other races as members.

Money is gained throught adventuring and investment behind artists, with some of this donated to the church. The church of Finder also tends to help out with items given to the knights (mostly magic items).

Nameless Knights
(Standard Religious), AL (CG, NG,CN)
Gold Piece Limit 15,000gp
Resource limit,Membership 85
Mixed (Human 30, Half-elf 20,Saurial 10,Halfing 10, Other 10, Elf 5)
Dues (5 gp/Month,none to join, can be paid in advance)
Authority Members: Geth Blackwood Male Tethyrian human Clr 17 CG (founder, Arabel Contact), Sunlight Female Bladeback Saurial Clr 2 CG (Lost Vale Contact), Bran Brightwind Male Tethyrian Human Brd 12 NG (Waterdeep Contact)
Important Characters: Rowan Buckman Female Chondathan human Clr 7 CG(Arabel Shrine high priest/Trainer), Tara Merryhap Female Lightfoot Halfing Brd 6 CN (Trainer), Nym AmbleCrown male Half moon elf Rgr 5 CG (Trainer)
Associated Classes:Bard, Cleric, Rogue, Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Sorcerer
Associated Skills:Craft, Perform, Diplomacy, Knowledge(religion),Spellcraft,Knowledge(nature)
Requirements: A minor task done for the knights plus religious
knowledge of Finder (Knowledge(religion) 2 ranks)

Favored in Guild Benefit: Do to the support of the church and the Knights themselves, the Knight can buy objects at 90% of the normal price (within the gold piece limits of the Knights).

The Knights also have access to free spellcasting within the group. Once per month, a member can ask for a spell to be cast on him or for him. It can be a spell of any spell level that a caster of caster level two levels higher than member asking. Material components must be paid by the requester, and spells of XP cost can not be cast.

Once per month, in preparation of a mission, a Knight can recieve a disposable magic item (Scroll, Potion, Wand) equal to 10% of a character's expected wealth from the leadership of the group. Common uses are Curing magics, Specialized spells for tricky or difficult missions or extra firepower spells for combat. Occasionally, a member might be granted a permanent magical item on loan, but he is expected to return it upon completion.

Geth Blackwood

Male Tethyrian Human Cleric 17
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init: 2 Senses:Listen 8, Spot 8
Language: Celestial, Chondathan, Common, Damaran, Elven
Patron Diety: Finder Wyvernspur
Home Region: Cormyr

AC:14, Flat-footed 12, Touch 12
HP:17d8 + 34 (102 hp)
Saves: Fort 12 Ref 7 Will 16
Speed: 30 feet (6 squares)
Melee: Holy Bastard Sword +2 (1d10+2, 19-20/x2) or
Ranged: Light Crossbow +2 (1d8+2,19-20/x2)
Space/Reach: 5 feet/ 5 feet
Batt: 14/9/4 Grp:14
Special Action: Turn Undead (5, 2d6+20, 17) or with Charm Domain (7, 2d6+22, 17)
Combat Gear: Scroll of Heal (x2), Scroll of Greater Dispel Magic, Scroll of Greater Planar Ally, Staff of Vitalization (PLH)

Spells(CL 17):
9 - Dominate Monster(D), Miracle
8 - Greater Planar Ally, Holy Aura, Polymorph Any Object(D)
7 - Greater Restoration(D),Greater Scrying, Holy Word, Regenerate,
6 - Find the Path, Geas/Quest(D), Greater Dispel Magic, Heal, Summon Monster VI, Word of Recall
5 - Atonement(D), Break Enchantment, Commune, Flame Strike, Plane Shift, True Seeing
4 - Divination, Divine Power,Good Hope(D), Know Vulnerabilities(MoF), Neutralize Poison, Sending, Tongues
3 - Create Food and Drink, Daylight, Locate Object, Magic Circle Against Evil, Prayer, Searing Light, Suggestion(D)
2 - Aid, Align Weapon, Consecrate, Delay Poison, Enthrall, Lesser Restoration(D), Resist Energy, Sound Burst
1 - Bless, Bless Water, Charm Person(D), Comprehend Languages, Detect Undead, Divine Favor, Endure Elements, Shield of Faith
0 - Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic

Domains:Charm, Renewal

Abilities:Str 15 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 16 Wis 22 Cha 17
Feat:Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Craft Wonderous Item, Empower Spell, Exotic Weapon Proficency (Bastard Sword), Favored in the Guild(Perform (Sing)), Leadership, Scribe Scroll
Skill: Concentration 16, Craft(Wordsmith) 8, Diplomacy 15, Healing 17, Knowledge (Arcana) 11, Knowledge (History) 9, Knowledge (Religion) 23, Listen 8, Perform (Sing) 10, Perform (String Instrument) 6, Spellcraft 25, Spot 8
Possessions:Crossbow Bolts(50), Headband of Intellect +2, Holy Bastard Sword +2, Leather Armor +2, Light Crossbow +2, Lyre of Building, Medallion of Thought, Periapt of Wisdom +4, Ring of Lore, Ring of Sustenance, Silver Holy Symbol
Cash:130,240 gp

Hook:Founder and Leader of the Nameless Knights of Finder Wyvernspur


Charm Domain: Can boost your Charisma by four points once per day for one minute.
Renewal Domain: If you fall below 0 hp, you regain 1d8 + 3, once per day. If below -9 hp, you die before this power takes effect.


Geth is a fair skinned man with dark hair and green eyes, standing at about 5 foot 3 inches. He is a fit man that keeps fit with pratices of his martial skills. He tends to dress in a simple, but elegent manner. Enough to look good, but not to flash to offend the more conservative members of society.

He is careful to keep a good image for himself so that the church maintains a good image. He is careful to be polite in all things, and selecting his verbal battles with an awareness of the trouble that might occur. He knows that he carries the responiblity of the church and the knights on his shoulders.


Geth Blackwood was had always had a way with words. He was a skilled writer of lyrics and poems. As such he joined the church of Milil, hoping to find a place that suited his overwhelming urge to create. For a while he felt at home in the church. But overtime, he started to wonder if this was the place for him.

Then he heard whispers of a rival god that was more in line with constant change and growth of the art. One that some in the church of Milil saw as a threat to their own powers. A god known as Finder Wyvernspur. Seeking out that diety, he discovered a roaming priest of the god. Who spoke and told Geth about Finder. Feeling a bond with the god, Geth converted to the faith.

After hearing the stories about Finder from the clerics of Milil and the tales of the Finderite cleric, Geth knew that the image and power of the church of Finder needed renewal. So he started to develop a group that could strengthen the base of the church of Finder, while at the same time changing the image of Finder from that of an egomanic to that of a man finding redeemption for his mistakes. Geth founded the Nameless Knights.

As part of his redeciation to his new god, Geth retrained himself, loosing his skills with a rapier and exchanging them with skills in the Bastard Sword. He has also deciated himself to the group, developing skills in the Knights.

He has also set up a minor shrine in the city of Arabel. It is mainly a small table with a small statue of Finder Wyvernspur. The Shrine is located in a Bardic College that Geth set up that focuses on changes and development in the arts. He is the patron, but leaves much of the offical daily duties to a selected High Priestess Rowan Buckman. He also uses the college shrine as a base to aid in missions that aid in the regrowth of Cormyr after the dark times after Azoun IV's death.

But Geth is usually on the move on Knight missions, aiding his followers where he can. He believes in the idea of leading by example. This has given heart to his followers as they bring life to the church.

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