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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of Eric K. Rodriguez and is presented here with permission.

Mintarn Islands

By Eric K. Rodriguez

History Overview

Most historians agree that the Mintarn islands were once part of the Moonshae isles.  However, some sages would disagree with this statement saying that in fact, the Mintarn islands were and still are, a separate island chain.  About the same time the great city of Myth Drannor fell to Demon hordes, another great civilization was beginning to crumble.  This kingdom was known as the "Shining Empire".  The Shining Empire existed almost as long as Myth Drannor, but never so brightly.  The Shining Empire was created by the benevolent races of the sea.  These included the Green Coral Sea Elves, the Tritons of the Sea of Swords, the Locatha of the Warm Sands, and the Mermen of the Great Sea Rift.  The greatest leaders of these races gathered together to discuss the creation of a kingdom for the good creatures of the sea.  To the astonishment of some, many agreed that this was a necessary step in the evolution of the sea.  Once discussions for the creation of the kingdom were completed it was agreed upon that all  of the races could not just up and move to a new location.  Instead it was agreed upon that a giant under-sea road would be made that stretched from one kingdom to the next, uniting all as one.  A geographical location was picked that was equal distance from each kingdom and a city was started.  It should be noted that the location picked for the city was also the site of a Sahuagin temple, which was desecrated and destroyed.  This would have serious repercussions later on. 

For 100 years the Shining Empire flourished.  both art and wealth were in abundance, and prosperity was everywhere.  That is when disaster first struck, it came from outside the Empire, but to some it was not a surprise.  In the year 713DR, also known as The Year of the Bloody Sea's", hordes of Sahuagin, Kopacinth, Ixitxachitl, and Merro attacked the Coral City.  For 100 years the evil creatures of the sea had waited for a time when the Shining Empire would be at it's weakest point, and they judged it well.  The surprise was complete and unexpected.  However, the evil creatures of the sea thought that after such a long period of decadence the races of the Shining Empire would be easily subjugated; they were mistaken.  Once the call for battle had been sounded, it was not long before the Locatha summoned their schools of Giant Eel's, the Coral Elves released their bands of Sea Lions, the Tritons summoned their greatest Knights, and the Mermen rode their waves of Sea Horses.  The battle would be great and long.  The conflict, which came to last two years, was known as the "Blood Tides War".  The war encompassed every sea creature in existence, leaving none untouched.  The destruction and devastation was so complete that to this day some of the races of the Sea of Swords have not fully recovered.  It is generally agreed upon that the war was inconclusive and was a great wasted of life.  Neither side could claim victory.  The races of evil were driven off with atrocious casualties; no tribe was spared.  However the Shining Empire would be no more.  The losses in the Empire were also astonishing, not just military losses, but he wholesale slaughter of non-combatants.  The most deciding factor was the destruction of the Coral City.  Eventually the great council was dissolved forever. 

It is said that throughout the Mintarn islands one can find ruins under the ocean wherever there is an island.  Only one man knows the location of most of the ruins, his name is Kyle "The Stormbringer".  Kyle, known to his friends, or "The Stormbringer" to his enemies, is on friendly terms with a local band of Locatha and has learned most of his information from them.  It is said that there exists sections of underwater road that are thought to be part of the same highway that connected the Shining Empire.  It is said that one road is still intact and leads to the ruins of the Coral City.  If this road still does exists the wealth and magical treasure that might be found, could well upset the balance of power in this region; for good or evil.


Recent Happenings

Tarnheel Embuirhan, the current ruler of Mintarn, and his loyal advisor Bharandas Zhan, a mage of great power, have uncovered a plot that threatened all who live in the Mintarn islands.  It was discovered that an evil necromancer that call's himself "Cabenon de Ghoula" has tried, unsuccessfully, to summon and bind some sort of Demon that is said to inhabit the Negative Material Plan.  Although such a creature has never been heard of, the threat is not being taken lightly.  It is said that Lord Embuirhan is seeking a powerful group of adventurers to find out if the threat is real.

On the 3rd day of Ches in the year 1370DR, the sorcerer Szentarr Ravin was found dead in his tower that over looks the harbor of Mintarn.  On the night of his death many citizens of Mintarn reported having terrible dreams and nightmares that seemed almost real.  Witnesses that found Ravin's body stated that his body was untouched, but a look of complete horror was easily seen upon his face.  Although Szentarr Ravin was once a trusted advisor of Tarnheel Embuirhan, a recent incident over six months ago caused him to lose his position as advisor, and almost his life.  It is said that Szentarr Ravin was an Illusionist of great power, but that he had a dark streak within him, which may be the reason why his body is now feeding the fish of the sea.

Kyle "The Stormbringer", a hermit mage that makes his home throughout the entire island chain, has recently arrived in Mintarn and has requested an audience with Tarnheel Embuirhan.  Hours after his audience, "The Stormbringer" was seen leaving Stormshield Castle with an escort of about 30 of Embuirhan's most loyal warriors.  It is being said around the taverns of Mintarn that Kyle has finally found some information or ruins that will tell him exactly where the remains of the great Coral City lay's.

The "Black Wave", an ancient sea galleon that has been converted to a prison barge, was sunk last night with all hands lost.  although many would say that it is not a loss but a blessing, Lord Embuirhan would strongly disagree.  Lord Embuirhan does not care a whim about the dead prisoners, who most were sentenced to death anyways, he does, however, care about the 43 soldiers that were the prison guards aboard the ship.  Eyewitness's state that the ship did not burst into flames immediately and many wonder why no one escaped with so much warning time available.  Lord Embuirhan has offered 1,000 gold pieces reward for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible of the despicable crime.

The infamous Bard, Shael Dalek recently returned from the southernmost island in the Mintarn island chain.  He has reported that the ancient green dragon known as "Gogornon manmaster" is no more.  Dalek began to recite and sing a new song that he had written while he witnessed the titanic battle.

From the golden mound he rose
His scales a brilliant green
The creature every man knows
to surpass any horrific dream

With tail, claws and massive fangs
The creature it did rear
The warrior's position did not change
In his eye's there was no fear

With a giant "whooshing" sound
The dragon he did breathe
That knocked the warrior to the ground
Like a crushing wave of the sea

After the gas had cleared
The dragon gave a growl
The knight was laying near
His body on the ground

From across the cave a laugh was heard
To the dragon it was quite a shock
A man appeared and spoke a word
And the knights body turned back to rock

"You stupid dragon" the mage did scowl
"It was all quite so clear"
"There is no need to scream or howl"
"You cannot outsmart Bannan Leer"

With an anger unsurpassed
The dragon roared his hate
Then the mage simply asked
"Why try to escape your fate?"

The dragon prepared to breathe again
In his eye's there was no compassion
So the battle truly begins
In the wizards hand a glowing orb of ashen

Both breath and orb did fly
It was a sight to see
Screaming into the nights sky
The dragon would no longer be

As the dragon twitched his last
His eye's locked on the spellcaster
"You are now in the past"
So died Gogornon Manmaster

Shael Dalek claims that the wizard, by himself, had slain the ancient wyrm and had stated proudly that his was but another step in the cleansing of evil in the Mintarn islands.  Dalek claims that the wizard is an Illusionist of awesome power and that he has heard of only one other who could create such magic.  It still remains to be seen whether this mage who call's himself "Bannan Leer" is in the islands to spread goodwill, or is an insane spellcaster who is looking for trouble.



Although there are no supplements specifically dedicated to this island chain, the Forgotten Realms boxed set has some information that DM's may find useful in fleshing out their campaigns.  TSR's supplement FOR3 Pirates of the Fallen Stars,  is also a useful piece of information that could easily be adapted to fit into the Sea of Swords.  DM's are encouraged to create or expand on the information given, adding their own creative flavor to the Mintarn Islands.

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