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A Hymn to Waterdeep

By Dustin Naegel

I have worked on this symphonic piece quite a long time. It should express the gigantic medieval coastal town of Waterdeep.

Due of the fact that I wanted to express the whole City of Waterdeep, I decided to make some kind of musical program, divided in several parts. Each of these parts represents one of the most important localities of this fictitious, but quite beautiful town. All themes, melodies and variations based on one simple 'leitmotif' - I think you'll understand immediate when you start listening.


Click to downloadDownload MIDI here.

Part I:  The Town Gates (0:00-1:15)

This piece starts with a very monumental intro for strings and percussion; much Taiko drumming is going on here. The Main Theme (including of course the 'leitmotif' itself) follows immediately. From 0:47 up to 1:00 we have a kind of  'classical bridge', it is meant to describe the visitor's (your) way trough the town gates into the heart of the city.

Part II:   The Streets of the City (1:15-1:40)

Once you have entered the town, you find yourself in the streets and sideways of the city - full of nooks and crannies, clean cobblestones and many wonderful small stores everywhere. A cute melody for strings and woodwinds follows this scene.

Part III:  Ships in Harbour (1:40-2:30)

When you get to the huge port of Waterdeep, you can't resist but to have a look at all the great ships docked there in complete calmness and harmony. I think my variation of the leitmotif for this location speaks for itself.

Part IV: The Towers of Waterdeep (2:30-3:30)

When you have finished your look around the harbour, you visit the unprecedented high Towers and Castles of the military. Here we have a breakneck rhythm for brasses and percussion while the upper instruments play a heroic variation of the Main Theme (first appeared in 'The Town Gates').

Part V: In the Tavern  (3:30-4:20)

After a long and exhausting day in Waterdeep, you enter one of the city’s taverns and rent a room for the night. Expressed by a little intro played by our three percussionists, and followed by a jolly melody on a harp, this part is a harmonic connection back to the Main Theme in the following section.

Part VI: Leaving the City (4:20-4:49)

Your visit of Waterdeep ends the next morning when you are leaving the city through the town gates.  Of course, here we once again hear the Main Theme from the beginning.

I hope you've enjoyed this little expedition into the Realms. Please feedback any comments, as it was quite a difficult and time-consuming work to compose. Thanks!

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