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Tomorrow Mother
(Cormyrean Ballad)

By Michael L Morris

Azoun IV was known to hate this song quite a bit, to the point of banning it from performance at court - this despite it being one of the more popular ballads in the kingdom. Those close to the king while he lived believed that the reason had more to do with the memories the song evoked for him than the song itself.


Tomorrow Mother, I go to war
I go to battle the enemy horde
And if from that field I do not return
Do not cry, Do not cry
Such a death is honorable to earn.

Tomorrow Mother, I go to fight
I go to set great wrongs aright
And if this conflict takes me away
Do not cry, Do not cry
Such an end leads to happier days.

Tomorrow Mother, I go to stand
Side by side with my countrymen
And though many of us will leave this world
Do not cry, Do not cry
Victory shall be our reward.

Tomorrow Mother, I go alone
For the first time away from home
I shall miss you, it is for you I fight
And do not cry, do not cry
I shall be home before the night.

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