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May Sune Return Me
(Traditional Ballad)

By Michael L Morris


Selune doth slowly rise,
Her tears are close behind.
And as with her I slowly cry
For soon I must leave you behind, my love,
Soon I must leave you behind.

Tomorrow with Lathander's dawn
I'll go where earth meets the sky.
I'll go maybe not to return
Softly crying for you all the while, love,
Crying for you all the while

Fate awaits all adventurers dear
With every step they take
And I can go without any fear
For at journey's end you await, love
At journey's end you await.

I shall return to you my love
This promise I will keep.
If not your name on my lips love
Will be the last thing that I speak, love
As I go to my final sleep.

My journey may lead far and wide
To lands you'll never see
As far away as Shou Lung's skies
Or to far away Waterdeep, love
To far away Waterdeep.

I love you with all my heart dear
This truth no one denies,
May Sune return me to you
In your arms once again shall I lie, love
In your arms once again shall I lie.

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