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The work contained on this page is the property and copyright of Michael L Morris.  Candlekeep claims no rights or ownership of the text below and has permission from the author to host this material on the site. This work is taken from Michael's online net novel "Flowers in the Wind". Please email Michael with any comments and feedback.

Where All Shadows Play
(Loviatar's Theme from 'Flowers in the Wind')

By Michael L Morris


Where all the shadows play my dear, where all the shadows play.
We hold within your fear, my girl, hidden away from the day
We hold onto your past, little girl, your clouded memories --
Can you ever hope to outlast us, pursue the world to see!

Where all we shadows play my dear, we play within your dreams.
We play so far and we play so near, we play along with your screams.
We play men's dreams as instruments; them shatter without remorse.
We play mortals as foolish pets, and leave them no true course.

Where all we shadows play little girl within your heart so dear.
The corners of your soul little girl cloaked and hid by your fear.
The essence of your mind is soaked in tears you wept so long ago.
The fear of the evil within you finding - gaining all control.

Where all the shadows play; now see the shadows of the world.
Masters of night and day fear us, for we have all control.
Sages throughout all time have sought what we have always known,
But we'll tell you not all the secrets which control your poor soul.

Where all the shadows play on the stages of the world.
We fear no one and stay in control of hapless girls.
And you someday we will control even as we try now.
This thing be certain, don't delay us, don't be foolish now

Where all the shadows play, We shadows of the heart.
Where all we shadows play, this pain we shall impart.
Where all your shadows play little girl, come on and set them free.
Let all your inhibitions go - come and follow me..

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