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The work contained on this page is the property and copyright of Michael L Morris.  Candlekeep claims no rights or ownership of the text below and has permission from the author to host this material on the site. This work is taken from Michael's online net novel "Flowers in the Wind". Please email Michael with any comments and feedback.

Flowers in the Wind
(Sonnet contained in the novel, engraved upon the funerary urn of Archmage Graniteheart)

By Michael L Morris


Arching through the sky, flying all the while
Teasing grace and ease, float amoungst the trees.
Flow into my mind, in my heart to find
Pain sorrow and woe, tears easing the flow
Flowers in the wind waving to and fro
Where should I begin, where should I now go.
Tragically we fly from whence began our flow,
May I someday lie in peace within the world.
I pray to someday see through all that comes to be
A pattern to my life to justify its strife.
As flowers in the wind we are tossed about
We know not why our begin, our lives are filled with doubt.
Of where we come to die, close our weary eyes,
One last breath took deep, begin our final sleep!

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