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Brighter than the Sun
(The Love Theme of Shandril & Narm)

By Michael L Morris


My love,
I hold my hand to thee,
My love,
I bar my soul to thee,
My love,
I give my heart to thee,
So we two shall be
Here eternally
Loving faithfully
Brighter than the sun.

The paths,
We walk beneath the sun,
Are long
As from our foes we run,
But though
Our trials seem to not end
Still we two shall be
Lovers faithfully
Tied eternally
Brighter than the sun

For love is flame that always lasts,
Even when everything else has passed,
And she can warm the soul forever,
Even when all else is gone.

And though
A heart may be strong
In flame
It can only last so long
For the brief
Candle has the brightest flame
And the memory
Shall eternally
Last with those who see
What's brighter than the sun.

So your memory
Shall remain with me
And you'll always be
Brighter than the sun.

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