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(A Love Song)

By Adriaan


It was end of winter, nearly spring
The sun has come to meet us
We all came out the dark stone Keep
We danced and sang our hearts out

An' you stood near the bakery's ruin
The wind touchin' your soft hair
I saw you while you lingered there
I didn't dare disturb you

Then suddenly you turned your head
- Your hair unhasty followed -
And your wet eyes then met with mine
I saw a smile appearing...

It was like someone struck my head
My chest was filled with warm ice
I could not see anything else
The word at once was silenced

I must have seen you a thousand times
We played when we were children
But everything before was pale
Since I saw you that morning

When suddenly you turned your head
- Your hair unhasty followed -
An' I just gazed, nailed to the ground
The moment seemed like ages

I hardly noticed summer pass
'cause you were always with me
The miles we strolled, the thoughts we shared,
The times we were just silent

The thousand things that you have said
I word for word remember
Your eyes, your lips, your hair, your smile.
The way you talked and listened

And how you, sudden, turned your head
- Your hair unhasty followed -
That year, that early spring, that day,
The moment I first saw you

Then winter passed, it's spring again
But you are not beside me
My chest is full of cold ice, now
I know I'll never see you

Still think of you ten times a day
Remember every moment
Regretting why it stopped this way
As sudden as it started

Still see you how you turned your head
- Your hair unhasty followed -
Your tearful eyes, your silent smile.
My life will lack your colour.

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