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Grmlulu's Monster
(A story adapted from the Drentons)

By Adriaan

[The Drentons are a Bedine tribe in Anarouch]


Grmlulu and Drilala had a daughter
She was only four weeks old
But she cried so loud and often
All day and all of the night

Grmlulu had a hard time
So one night he left his tent
And went outside the camp
Just to sit and moan and whine

''Oh, the noise this little monster makes!''
''Ah, my eyes won't get a wink!''
''Ooh, this miserable mouth to feed!''
''No, this creature's endless hunger!''

''Oh, how she controls my life!''
''Ah, so weary, still have to go on!''
''Ooh, how wonderful life once was!''
''No, I wish there was a way ... away!''

There's a rustle in the bushes
A group of Orcs surrounded him, fiercely
Overheard him all the time
Now one of them asked, ''Then, why don't you leave?''

Grmlulu looked up and sighed, ''I can't''
''Imagine this power a hundredfold,''
''Her mother holds up me leaving''
''Wherever I go my heart will burn!''

Grmlulu sighed and returned to his tent
- Talking always make annoyances shrink -
Perhaps these orcs had misunderstood him,
For at these words, they screamed and fled

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