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Leather Armour
(an old song, found in 'the savage frontier' in the North)

By Adriaan


A princess' honour was insulted,
By a prince of a neighbouring land,
The king -of course- was furious,
And revenge therefore on hand!

And there I was, in leather armour,
My sword still hanging on the wall,
When this king called upon me,
To share in victory 'n' all.

Knights and soldiers then we gathered,
Some mounted, most of us on foot,
Armed with shortbow, claive or great club,
And proud we left our neighbourhood

So there I walked, in leather armour,
My trusty sword in my right hand,
Over long and dusty roads,
Towards a near, unfriendly land.

On the heath fields, close to Oldhorn,
The enemies thus met,
One hundred men here, on the pink moor,
Two hundred foes there, to be slain

So there I stood, in leather armour,
My trusty sword right in my hand,
Started doing what I came for,
Chopping up people of this land.

On the third day of the battle,
Not many left then, foe or friend,
Another man fell by the metal:
The attacking king just met his end.

So there I fought, in leather armour,
My bloody sword in my right hand,
Fatigued, wet, thirsty, smelly,
Searching more to death to send.

But ''No!'', our brand new queen spoke
'This enmity we must forget.'
The dishonouring prince, well,
It was him whom she soon wed.

So there I stood, in leather armour,
My bloody sword still in my hand,
I'm told to be at ease right now,
I can return to my own land.

Three hundred brave young peasant men
Stayed there on Oldhorn's moor.
With them six brothers and some friends,
For whom soon wives will mourn.

So here I sit, in leather armour,
My rusty sword is useless now,
I watched for days these lifeless bodies
No reason to stand up at all.

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