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The work contained on this page is the property and copyright of Jason Chambers.  It has been formatted for viewing on the web by the Scribes of Candlekeep.  Candlekeep claims no ownership for this material. Download the original document here.

Liferoll Chart

By Jason Chambers

  1. You are unusually strong; +2 Str.
  2. Your superior battle sense helps minimize the threat of flanking attacks; Eyes in the Back of Your Head (Complete warrior).
  3. You have a sixth sense for avoiding danger; Evasion.
  4. You are skilled at tracking; Track, +5 Survival.
  5. You are lucky; +1 on all saving throws
  6. You are extremely fast; +2 initiative, +20 ft base speed.
  7. You were trained to fist fight; Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike, unarmed attacks deal 1d8 damage.
  8. You grew up in an arboreal society; you have a climb speed of 20, +5 balance, +5 climb, you may always take 10 on climb or balance checks.
  9. You are strikingly beautiful +2 Cha
  10. You are hardy; +2 Con.  
  11. You are more agile than others +2 Dex, +2 Initiative
  12. You are gifted with magic; +2 to your spells’ DC.
  13. You are more intelligent than others; +2 Int.
  14. You have trained to cast arcane spells while wearing armor; reduce arcane spell failure by half (rounded down).
  15. You are unusually tough; Improved Toughness. (Complete Warrior)
  16. You grew up in the city alone and learned to be tough to survive; +5 Intimidate, +5 Bluff and +2 Initiative.
  17. You were born Ambidextrous; Two Weapon Fighting.
  18. You are light of foot, +4 jump, +4 tumble, increase base speed by 10 feet and the DC to track you increases by +5.
  19. You have a better than normal chance to escape a big creature’s grapple or pin; Clever Wrestling (MOTW).
  20. Through years of study you have learned to resist many magic attacks, you gain spell resistance 12 + class level.
  21. You received a family heirloom; any minor wondrous item.
  22. You are mechanically inclined; +5 disable device, +5 open lock, +5 Profession (Locksmith).
  23. You are wiry; +5 escape artist, +5 tumble.
  24. You have learned the healing arts; +5 to heal checks, +2 when using healing potions or salves.
  25. You are a gifted archer; Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
  26. You are very sneaky; +5 hide, +5 move silently.
  27. You have a knack for making others back down; +5 Bluff and +5 Intimidate (use highest ability modifier)
  28. You are especially comfortable in the armor of your choice; decrease armor check penalty by 2 and increase AC by 1.
  29. You are a show-off; +5 on all perform checks, Skill Focus: Perform.
  30. You are reckless in battle; you may subtract up 5 points from your AC for a round and add it to your damage.
  31. You are very perceptive; +2 Wis, Alertness.
  32. You have trained yourself to sleep in your armor; you may sleep in your armor for a number of days equal to 5 + Con modifier.
  33. You are amazingly tough; Giant’s Toughness (MOTW).
  34. You react quickly to opponents during battle; Combat Reflexes, Dodge.
  35. You are used to fighting in the dark; Blind Fight, reduce miss chance by 50% when fighting unseen foes.
  36. Your rage lasts longer than it normally would; Extended Rage (UE).
  37. You are skilled in martial arts that emphasize holds and throws; Improved Grapple.
  38. You are well read; 1 rank in 10 knowledge skills of your choice.
  39. You were trained in alchemy, +5 Craft (alchemy), +5 Profession Apothecary.
  40. You were raised by Dwarves; You speak Dwarven, treat dwarven weapons and armor as martial, +1 vs. orcs, +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants. (reroll if you are a dwarf)
  41. You have keen eyesight; +5 spot, +5 search, low light vision.
  42. You grew up near the ocean and are a strong swimmer; +5 swim, reduce Armor check penalty by 4, you may always take 10 on swim checks.
  43. You are a sailor; +2 Balance +5 swim, +2 use rope, +5 knowledge (marine life), +5 profession (sailor)
  44. You react quickly to danger; Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes.
  45. You have fast reflexes; +4 on Reflex saves, Combat Reflexes.
  46. You are quick with your hands; Quick Draw, +5 Sleight of Hand.
  47. You were well versed in magic; Spell Focus, +5 Spellcraft
  48. Your father was a weaponsmith; +5 craft (weaponsmith), you receive a +2 weapon.
  49. You have trained to fight dragons; +2 to all attacks, damage and skill checks pertaining to dragons, +4 Dodge bonus versus dragons. Dragon Hunter (Drac 104)
  50. You are descended from giants; Jotunbrud (ROF).
  51. You hit where it hurts, +1d4 damage per attack.
  52. You are trustworthy; +5 diplomacy, +5 gather info.
  53. You are well trained in the use of fire; +2 fire damage, increase DC to extinguish your flames by +2.
  54. You are athletic; +2 climb, swim, jump, ride & tumble.
  55. You are stubborn, Iron Will, +2 intimidate, +2 sense motive, +2 diplomacy.
  56. You often rush into battle; on the first round of combat, you may use the full attack action when charging.
  57. You grew up on the frozen tundra; cold resistance 10.
  58. You have studied the art of defense; add your INT modifier to AC.
  59. Your father was an armorsmith, +5 craft (armor) +5 profession (armor smith), you receive +2 armor.
  60. You are well trained in the use of reach weapons; +1 to attack and damage rolls with any reach weapon you are proficient with.
  61. You are a skilled rider, +5 Ride, Mounted Combat.
  62. You are quick to recover from damage; Fast Healing 1.
  63. You are skilled at surviving in the wild; +8 Survival.
  64. You are hard to knock down; +4 on opposed checks vs. trip attempts, overrun attempts and bull rush attempts.
  65. You are trained in fighting in woodlands; Woodwise (UE).
  66. You know how to defend yourself with a battleaxe; Axeshield (Underdark).
  67. You are adept at avoiding blows; +2 dodge bonus to AC.
  68. You have been trained in trapmaking; +5 Craft (trapmaking), +2 to AC and saving throws versus traps.
  69. You are well trained in the use of whips; you are proficient with any whip you use, you gain Weapon Focus: Whip and Weapon Specialization: Whip.
  70. You have trained diligently in your chosen school of magic: Spell Focus
  71. You have learned to barter effectively, you may sell items for 60% of market value.
  72. You grew up in a wealthy family, +5 knowledge (nobility), +2 sense motive, +2 diplomacy, +10% starting gold.
  73. You are fearless; +4 on saves vs. fear and fear effects, even if you fail the save, the effects are reduced by one step.
  74. You pay close attention to detail, +5 search. You may always take 10 on search attempts, even in stressful situations.
  75. Demon blood runs through your veins; you take on one of the following traits; abnormal skin color, glowing red eyes, cloven hooves or horns. You gain fire, acid, cold resistance 5.
  76. You are used to tough conditions; Endurance, fire and cold resistance 5.
  77. You are trained in the use of swords; +1 to hit and damage with any sword with which you are proficient.
  78. You are hard to kill; Diehard.
  79. You were trained with your weapon of choice from a very young age; Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization.
  80. You have learned to use whatever you can get your hands on during battle; you receive no penalties when using an improvised weapon and damage you inflict with improvised weapons increases one step.
  81. You are trained in a variety of weapons; choose any exotic weapon proficiency, your penalty for using any weapon with which you are not proficient is reduced to -1.
  82. You are very resilient, Damage Reduction 2/-. 
  83. You are rich; +30% starting gold.
  84. You are trained in the use of bludgeoning weapons, +1 to hit and damage with any bludgeoning weapon with which you are proficient.
  85. You have the ability to speak telepathically to anyone who speaks your language within 60 ft of you.
  86. Your presence makes others think twice before attacking; anyone attempting an attack of opportunity against you must succeed a will save DC 10+  ½ HD + Cha modifier in order to do so.
  87. You are as nimble as a cat, +4 balance, +4 climb.
  88. You have been trained to use magical devices; +5 Use Magic Device.
  89. You grew up in a merchant family; +5 Appraise, increase market value of items you sell by 10%.
  90. You have an uncanny sense of smell; you gain the Scent special ability.
  91. You have trained diligently, you character starts one level higher than the rest of the group.
  92. You know how to push opponents back; Improved Bull Rush.
  93. You know your way around a dungeon; +5 Knowledge (Dungeoneering).
  94. You are well trained in the use of shields; Shield Proficiency, Shield Expert.
  95. You have a knack for perfecting skills; +2 bonus to any four skills.
  96. You can use your strength to make devastating attacks; Power Attack, Cleave.
  97. You are extremely lucky, +2 on all saving throws.
  98. Your spells are especially potent; Spell Penetration. 
  99. You were born and raised in the swamps; +2 balance, +2 swim, +2 jump. You also gain +5 Survival in swampy areas.
  100. You take advantage of flanking maneuvers; take an additional +2 bonus when flanking.

Any equipment gained is in addition to what you normally receive at the level you are starting. Any skills gained are considered class skills for purposes of buying ranks. For any feat gained you are treated as having that feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.

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